Digital Transformation: Creative Enterprise Solutions for Effective Employee Engagement

May 23, 2017

Anand Kannan


Employee engagement and productivity is the key for the growth of any enterprise and it is the most discussed among business heads. Creating an effective engagement is never easy and requires solutions addressing the unique challenges of each employee, which is tricky!

With digital transformation evolving fast, it’s seamless to create constructive employee engagement that can multiply productivity rate by enhancing employee collaboration.

Before diving deep into details, it is vital to analyze and understand why employee engagement matters!

Employee engagement and business success

According to Aberdeen Group, having engaged employees increases customer loyalty by 233 percent and revenue by 26 percent annually.

Engaging employees sensibly through different means can convince them to volunteer, initiate, involve and perform tasks better compared to no engagements. With such passion and energy, the output of the process would be prodigious and this could supercharge the growth of your business multi-fold.

On top of the above, highly engaged workers tend to stay longer and loyal (critical factor for business success) to the companies and in most cases, they exhibit dominant performance over their counterparts.

So, now it’s evident that engaging workers can improve productivity, growth. Let’s get started with the common challenges enterprises face when engaging with employees and learn the digital solutions that can help transform your business growth and ROI.

Let’s see some of the solutions redefining the rules of employee engagement for ensuring rapid productivity, growth and happy customers.

Mobilizing work environment for making loyal customers

Research studies from different groups like Forbes, Aberdeen, Economics Intelligence Unit has proved that mobilizing the employees of your enterprise can improve your productivity at least by 16’20%.

Empowering your workers with mobile applications enables to access the data from anywhere any time and helps them manage their personal, profession lives efficiently. With this approach, connecting with business and customers globally is seamless and this drives improved productivity.

Tailor-made intranet for unique employee needs

While opting for a general intranet is practiced by many, having customized intranet for employees can improve productivity by leaps and bounds.

What is the big deal? If this your question, then the answer is:

Creating a unique intranet space for your team and employees can enable them store files, documents and retrieve during mission-critical needs. Finding such data from general intranet setup mayn’t be seamless. Custom intranet aligns with every employee needs and enables better performance.

Automation and smart mobile workflow systems

Workflow automation is an effective strategy as cumbersome workflows for multiple processes in large organizations can delay on-time delivery. This leads to unhappy customers. With powerful platforms like SharePoint it is effortless to streamline workflows and this simplifies the hardship to everyone involved in a process.

Be it approval, updates, or business data, with streamlined system in places, it is seamless to improve productivity and employee efficiency.

I have mentioned only a few of the many digital transformation techniques to create a workspace environment that is vibrant with seamless access to everyone. Your business can engage employees in several other ways, yet these are the primary solutions that could transform your worker behavior and improve efficiency.

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