3 Steps for Ensuring Deep Customer Relationship with Sitecore Web Personalization

April 13, 2017

Anand Kannan


Delivering marketing messages to your digital audience is a complex task. Sitecore has made this task easier and with its Experience Platform performing personalized marketing activities is absolutely seamless.

Getting to know the visitors is the only way to improve customer engagement and interactions.

Before getting started with how to leverage the Experience Platform for personalizing the website, let’s throw light on web personalization.

What is web personalization?

Simply put, it is the process of optimizing a website based on visitor traits and behavior. With such approach providing every visitor with most relevant information matching expectations is possible and this enhances customer engagement.

The process of web personalization with Sitecore involves multiple steps and each step has a unique approach, yet significant.

Step 1: Converting unknown visitors to well-known visitors

Sitecore Experience Platform offers 5 interesting attributes for capturing, realizing and studying visitor behavior for successful web personalization.


  • Helps in categorizing your visitors based on relationship with your business.


Profile Keys

  • It is the inner attribute of Profile and assists in studying user’s preferences in-depth to create a complete Profile. A Profile may have many number of Profile Keys.


Profile Cards

  • Again, Profile Cards are created using Profile Keys. The former is tagged to the content displayed to every customer and notifies you what kind of information your customers are hooked to. You can create multiple Cards for a Profile.


Visitor Profile

  • Profile Card triggered customer activities are stored in the Visitor Profile. It creates a score based on customer interactions with your content and helps you discover the quality of content and customer reactions to that.


Pattern Cards

  • Patter Cards stand for your customers and it decides the type of interest of your customer. The closest the matching Pattern Card’s score with Profile score, the strong affinity a customer has on the type of content on the website.


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Step 2: Setting up web personalization with Sitecore marketing tools

Sitecore offers marketers with some robust tools to ensure your website addresses to the specific needs of every customers.


Experience profile

  • Provides marketer’s a 360 degree of every customer’s interactions with different channels in real-time.


Experience database

  • A customer data repository that enables marketers with fast, easy access to customer data.


In-session personalization

  • Ensures personalizing the content within Sitecore framework with powerful personalization engine. Enables setting up conditions and goals for customer interactions.


Engagement plan

  • A predefined plan for marketers to study and control customer interactions with your site. Comes in handy when nurturing relationships with customers.


Engagement value points

  • Marketers can set up engagement value points based on customers’ interactions with your site and every action triggered will be help in studying level of customers’ commitment with website.


Step 3: Finding the right Sitecore certified implementation partner

So, you’ve invested in Sitecore? But, can you utilize the platform to its fullest potential?

Sitecore implementations are expensive and require expert approach to get it done right at first time for utilizing its features to the fullest.

Partnering with a certified implementation service with years of experience can enable your business to enjoy the comprehensive benefits of Sitecore Experience Platform.

If you are planning for Sitecore implementation or have already implemented one but want to augment your in-house team in tapping the fullest benefits of Sitecore, we can help!

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