Why Hiring Certified Sitecore Partner for Your Web Needs Is Critical?

May 18, 2017

Anand Kannan


Every business has its own set of challenges and limitations and this is the reason why they rely on different content management systems (CMS). If you’re considering Sitecore for website management needs and having your in-house team occupied with multiple tasks, then you’ve to settle for a certified Sitecore partner. This post guides you in finding the apt partner fitting your business needs.

Well, why Sitecore for your business?

It is a million-dollar question. But the answers are obvious.

  1. Contrary to other CMSs, the emerging platform is a full-featured web content management system with tons of features and benefits.
  2. Different reports and statistics concedes Sitecore has already powered more than 32000 websites and this says it all.
  3. Sitecore is an incredible platform, at the same time it can be tricky.

The platform allows you to perform almost anything from simple design, development capabilities to advanced personalization, multivariate testing etc. Nevertheless, these need to be performed with a help of seasoned team of professionals by keeping in mind the customer preferences.

The need for certified Sitecore partners for your business growth

Certified professionals know what your business really wants and how to leverage the platform to the fullest for giving your business the potential edge over your competitors.

Here are the few challenges when planning to raise your website without an expert guidance.
  • Unexpected errors
  • Ignored upgrades
  • Poor implementation
  • Inability to leverage features

Sitecore’s license is exorbitant and without proper techniques, tools extracting business ROI out of the platform may be quixotic.

Here’s how a team of certified Sitecore partner can make your website a continuous profit-generating machine.

Evaluating experience and expertise

These parameters are of paramount importance when considering any partner. Nevertheless, as ours is an exorbitant platform, it is a must to nail the right partner to utilize the fullest benefits.

Here are the 6 elements to check out when confirming the experience and expertise of the partner you plan to choose.

  1. Number of years of being a Sitecore partner
  2. Level of certification they hold; there are 3 types: Platinum, Gold, Certified
  3. Successful Sitecore projects completed
  4. Number of Sitecore-certified developers
  5. Number of Sitecore MVPs within the team
  6. Experience in web development, design, other technologies
Analyzing success stories and portfolio

A thorough analysis on their success rate over the projects completed in the past would provide you a clear insight on their capabilities, efficiency, turnaround time and credibility. Especially, partners having video testimonials with reference links to client websites are noteworthy and can take your business to next level. With such details, you can nail the right partner that matches with your expectations.

Last but not the least, understanding your business needs

Only companies that rave on the latest technologies, tools and happenings in the industry can help your business achieve impressive clientele and improved ROI. Provided if they’ve more than 10+ years of experience in web design, development and resources, they could seamlessly help in your Sitecore needs.

I believe the tips shared above helps in finding a reliable and high-quality service provider for your Sitecore needs. If you’re looking for more information on advantages of Sitecore and want to utilize its features to the fullest, let’s talk.

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