Benefits of Mobile Apps for Internal Business Communication

April 18, 2020

Travis McCallum

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Internal Business Communication

It’s an interesting time to be alive. Technology is changing the way we do work in a big way. Let me ask you a question. How many of your employees do you see on any given day?

If your business is like many modern workplaces, employees do not all work in the same building like they used to. Some may work from home, the coffee shop or even in satellite offices halfway across the world.

Those employees might feel disconnected, disengaged and not aligned with the culture you have been trying to cultivate. Technology is changing the way we do work. It is simultaneously connecting and separating us through time and space.

So now you are faced with a challenging dilemma: how can you communicate more effectively with your employees? One solution (ironically brings us back to technology) is a mobile application. If Oprah can reach billions of people through the television, now you have a tool to reach all of your employees.

Let’s explore some of the benefits a mobile app can bring in internal business communication.

Why should a business get its own mobile app?


Employees with meaningful work stay on the job 7.4 months longer than other employees, put in an extra hour a week and take two fewer paid leave days a year, according to a study by BetterUp. It’s your job to your employees to help them see the contribution they are making to further your organizational goals. 

Mobile apps are powerful enablers for leaders to communicate top down to everyone in the organization on milestone accomplishments, in progress updates, and ongoing activities across every department. These internal apps open a whole space for collaboration, breaking down the walls that exist in traditional buildings. 

Imagine if you could freely search up anyone in the company, filter your search results by name or function and then directly contact them in real-time.  Now imagine if you enabled all your employees to do the same! 

It is a basic need all humans have to belong to something greater than themselves and your company is probably one of the most important places to fulfill that need.  By demonstrating employee engagement through a mobile app solution, you can ensure they stay full. 

Resource Accessibility

Resource availability seems to be a major challenge for businesses these days. You’ve been there. A big sales presentation is coming up and you are looking for that slide deck you made for Y customer you want to reuse for X customer. Oh, and you remember marketing had made some flyers with all the features your product has to offer. After calling around to various co-workers, they are all scrambling to find the requested documents.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily find them yourself?

The invention of cloud technology has enabled an internal mobile app to seamlessly link all company documents in one place where anyone with the right credentials can access what they need from anywhere. Technology is changing the way we do work.


File storage is only one key example you can create a mobile app to do. Consider the accessible nature of on-demand voice and video-based meetings you can have from the comfort of your own living room.

I’ll be the first to admit that I work in a global company and sometimes I have meetings I need to attend at 6 or 7 a.m. in the morning. The luxury of joining these conversations on my mobile device at home is something I could not live without.

Which brings up a great point on employee expectations…

If your competitors are already reaping success from their own mobile apps, you wouldn’t want to fall behind, would you?


Earlier I spoke about team collaboration. This warrants more elaboration because it’s that important to ensure open communication is shared among all employees. Tell me how many times you’ve been going about your day and everything seems fine until BAM! A crisis erupts when an employee storms out the door after burnout got to him.

Being blindsided has never helped anyone.

Mobile apps are a perfect tool in internal communication to catch problems before they become too big. An employee can reach out to the right person and overcome stressors affecting their performance. Maybe they had a family emergency and needed time off… HR is there. Maybe they are struggling with the volume of work requests… their hiring manager is there.

But this brings up an important point on technology and the tools it creates.

Christian Lous Lange said, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” This Norwegian historian was alluding to the fact that we humans must be the drivers of the tools we use if we hope for any successful outcome.

You must communicate both the victories and challenges your company is experiencing on a regular basis. You must be engaging with your employees daily and help them in whatever way possible. Mobile apps enable open conversations at any level.

Ticking Off The Boxes

No doubt you know the value in investing in your own mobile application solution to engage with employees at your company. There any many platforms and out-of-the-box solutions on the market offering the same benefits I’ve shared. If customization and full control is something you desire in an internal mobile app, you might consider partnering with a company like Eleviant Technologies.

There are other reasons like security to consider when creating an app. And honestly, if technology isn’t your specialty, it’s better to let an expert handle it. I know I wouldn’t be very good at cooking a crème brûlée at a dinner party, without a recipe.

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