Azure App Service Types, Plans, Considerations and Tips to Choose Right One for Your Needs

August 3, 2017

Chanakya Jayabalan


Azure App Service is one of the common and most used services. While it is possible to immediately deploy apps, jobs etc., to the app service, a common factor that baffles decision makers is the wide spectrum of the tiers (options of plans) available in the marketspace.
With said that, I have compared the different tiers of Azure App Service, including differences, and tips to choose the right plan matching your unique requirement.
Firstly, every tier supports deploying multiple apps to the same tier at no extra cost; but, there is a catch on the number of applications specific to each tier. So, all your apps must share the resources allotted as part of the tier chosen.
Here’s the comparison of different tiers with critical details.


Free Tier

As the name suggests, this type of Azure App Service Plan is available free of cost but with conditions!

ConfigurationWhat you getWhat you don’t getWhen to use
Shared CoreMax. 10 apps can be deployedInstancesPoC & development purposes
60 mins of CPU/day10 Logic app definitionsSLA (Support)Must be avoided under production scenarios as there won’t be SSL and custom domain support.
1 GB Ram200 Logic app actions/dayAutoscale, backups, SSL certificate 
1 GB Storage500 Active mobile devices/dayStaging environment, custom domain


Shared Tier

This tier is charged hourly.

ConfigurationWhat you getWhat you don’t getWhen to use
Shared CoreMax. 100 apps can be deployedInstancesSuggested only for hosting basic apps where there won’t be adequate security or recovery options. This tier doesn’t support SSL and backups
0.5 GB RAM10 Logic app definitionsSLA (support)
1 GB storage200 Logic app actions/dayAuto Scale
 500 Active mobile devices/dayBackups, SSL certificates
 Custom domainStaging Environment


Basic Tier

This tier is charged for used: hours and number of instances.

ConfigurationWhat you getWhat you don’t getWhen to use
Starts from 1 CoreUnlimited app deploymentAuto ScaleThe tier to start with. Best suited for production workloads
1.75 GB RAM10 Logic App DefinitionsBackupsDedicated instances & with 99.95% SLA, SSL support
10 GB storage200 Logic App Actions per dayStaging EnvironmentMultiple instances help your app load balanced
 Unlimited Active mobile devices per day, custom domain, Up to 3 Instances,  
 Unlimited SNI SSL certs, 99.95% SLA 


Premium Tier

This tier is charged for used: hours and the number of instances.

ConfigurationWhat you getWhen to use
Starts from 1 CoreDeploy unlimited apps, 100 Logic App Definitions, 50,000 Logic App Actions per dayBest for premium/high intensive apps production
1.75 GB RAMUnlimited Active mobile devices per day, custom domain, Up to 50 Instances, Unlimited SNI SSL certs & one IP SSL included
250 GB storage99.95% SLA, Auto Scale, 50 Automated Backups per day, 20 staging environments
 This tier offers the best features with access to dedicated App Service Environments (ASEs) carving out private network space in Azure for just your Apps.


Considerations for utilizing Azure service

As with any Azure service, app service too comes with cause of concerns every user must be aware of.

  • Azure Logic Apps are available only to EA customers.
  • 165 MB outbound network traffic included, additional outbound network bandwidth charged separately.
  • Premium service plan allows up to 50 computes instances (subject to availability) and 500 GB of disk space when using App Service Environments (ASE) and 20 compute instances and 250 GB storage when not using ASE.
  • Note: The features and plans can get updated regularly & hence this document can be intended for the basic understanding. For any specific feature details/capacity refer azure plans documentation @

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