What new updates you can find with the latest release of Android 11?

November 18, 2020


What new updates you can find with the latest release of Android 11?

Yes, the D-day finally arrived! Google officially unveiled the highly awaited stable version of Android 11 on 8 September 2020. All tech zealots are keen to understand what the new Android release has in store for them. App Developers from many entities, such as Eleviant Technologies, have braced themselves to up their Android App Development game.

Android 11 is the eighteenth release of the much popular mobile operating system. It succeeds the highly appreciated Android 10 version. The journey of this ultimate version involved about 4 developer previews and 4 Beta releases. Android 11 promises many new features and upgrades to refine the experience of Android users across the globe.

“As per the data from Statcounter, Android dominates the global mobile operating system market with a share of more than 70 percent.”

The latest version shall be available for users of smartphone brands such as Google Pixel, OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi, and OPPO. These companies are making the contemporary version available with their new smartphone models. Let us now get a deep insight into the top highlights of the latest release.

Eleven Highlights of Android 11!

  1. Enhanced permission request settings

    We all have to go through the drill of approving different permission requests when we use any new app on our Android phones. Many of us worry about our private information’s unauthorized usage when we grant various app permissions. Android 11 brings advanced settings to safeguard user information better. It comes with improved management of general permissions to apps for using the camera, microphone, and location information. Users have the option to allow only one-time permission to mobile apps to ensure a secure app experience. The OS will also revoke permissions granted to apps that remain unused for a considerable period.

  2. Lucid device controls

    Google has also brought perfected device control features with the new version. In this era reigned by IoT technology and smart devices, it is handier if we can control different smart gadgets with our mobile itself. Users will now find the feature to control the connected devices in their homes with a tap on their phones. You can get the device control widgets on the power menu of your Android phone.

  3. An in-built screen recorder

    Screen recording capability is not an entirely new feature for smartphones. Some brands had already developed a screen recording feature for their phone models. However, Android has now rolled out a built-in screen recorder for the first time with its latest release. It is easy to record your phone screen’s events with simplified audio settings to make useful videos.

  4. 5G-friendly features

    5G is the revolutionary upgrade in the mobile network spectrum that is swiftly capturing the global telecom market. Android 11 comes with the APIs to make your phone more compatible with 5G use. One can perform functions such as detecting the available bandwidth of the 5G connection or checking the type of 5G network available in a location. You will surely benefit from a fast pace and low latency.

  5. Renewed chat notifications

    If you are an ardent Facebook user, you perhaps know about the chat heads that appear while using Facebook Messenger. Android 11 will elevate your chatting experience with the introduction of chat bubbles to show message notifications. The Bubbles API will help you to multi-task better on your phone. You can effortlessly converse while performing other tasks via the chat bubbles.

  6. Better call screening system

    Most of us hate the number of spam calls from different entities, such as telecom companies and banks. There is the presence of STIR/SHAKEN standards to reduce the occurrence of call spoofing. Android 11 comes with the competence to seamlessly allow the app to gain information about the STIR/SHAKEN status of any incoming call. One can stop unscrupulous robocalling to a great extent with the screening update.

  7. Welcome the HEIF animations

    GIFs have become a prominent part of the messaging world. However, GIF animations are quite bulky and eat up a lot of your space. When you have limited internet connectivity, using GIFs is next to impossible. So the good news is that Android 11 comes with the support for data-efficient HEIF files. The HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format) animations will improve the user experience to a great extent.

  8. Special additions for increased foldable phone compatibility

    We all know that foldable smartphones have already arrived in the market. The advanced Android version comes with a foldable-phone specific Hinge fold API. It will seamlessly detect the folding and unfolding of your foldable smartphone and adjust the display accordingly.

  9. An official recycle bin setting for your phone gallery

    The ability to recover any file you accidentally delete, like in a computer, is also a reality for our phone gallery. Photo trash is already available in some hi-tech phone models. However, Android 11 has a recycle bin for storing images that get deleted for a stipulated time. You can either recover or permanently delete image files with the built-in trash setting.

  10. Say Hello to superior automated responses

    Android 11 has taken the usage of machine learning abilities to the next level. It has refined the smart reply feature of your phone to devise ameliorated auto-replies while chatting and messaging. It will provide better suggestions as a response to any message.

  11. Enriched experience with advanced media controls

    Many of us love to hear music on our phones while doing many of our diurnal chores. Android 11 brings boosted media control settings to amplify your audio experience. Users can now control their audio requirements through the quick-control panel of the pull-down notification display on the screen. Switching the audio output from earphones to speakers or vice-versa is also more simplified.

Eleviant Technology embraces the advanced upgradations that come with Android 11!

Eleviant Technology is all set to augment its Android app development skills to build apps for Android 11 devices. The adroit Android app developers at Eleviant will create more innovative apps by leveraging the upgrades of Android 11. As a paramount mobile app development company, we always develop gilt-edged mobile apps for our clients. Make use of our crackerjack app development skills for your business!

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