6 Android App Development Fundamentals for First-Time App Developers

June 19, 2017

Anand Kannan


When it comes to evolution of the mobile applications, a major share contributed by Google’s Android can’t be neglected. Android app store is considered the most utilized store as it is flooded with a wide array of applications across every genre. Given the simplicity and easy to use nature, Android applications are the most widely consumed in 83% of global countries.

From the above augments, it is prudent that Android apps are widely developed and consumed by many. But measuring the success of each business app developed will surprise you with a contradictory data.

Yet, not every Android app developed is consumed by customers! Developing an Android app though looks like a walk in the park for many developers, creating a successful app that can help customers connect with the business objective is hard! It requires strategic approach and passion to develop an app that reaches out to customers’ needs seamlessly.

The success tips and tricks discussed below will enable budding Android app developers focusing on developing applications that can effortlessly connect with customers and take your businesses to the next level.

Understand business goals carefully

Without a clear understanding of the business goals, no matter whether it’s ‘for you or your customer, it is extremely difficult to develop a business app that delivers to their expectations. Following competitor apps in the market or checking out portfolios will provide valuable insights on developing an application aligning with the expectations of the businesses and end users.

Understand Android market thoroughly

Even before you start planning for developing an Android app, it is critical to equip yourself with a complete understanding of Android market. Unlike iOS store, applications in Android store are the most widely consumed by users.

There are millions of Android apps out there and using your unique ability combined with thorough understanding of the market will enable you to create a perfect app delivering’amazing user experience.

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Be trendy

This is extremely important. Develop a strong know-how on latest happenings in the Android market and stay up-to-date on the latest technology, tools, customer preferences to create an app that is trendy and aligns with your customer expectations.

By this way you can garner better customer attention. Participating in Android communities can help developers realize the most recent advancements in the field of app development, design and this enables to develop an app that reaches out to more customers.

Pay attention to app design

Before impressing a user with robust performance, your app must look lucrative enough to grab the eyeballs of users. Make your product visually amazing to create an immediate impact on the users visiting the store. Go through the complete Android app design guidelines before getting started. B2B applications have to be developed and designed with superior user experience and quality for rendering incredible performance.

Be open to customer feedbacks

It is extremely hard to develop your first app without any flaws. Your customers mayn’t like it and might surprise you with some feedbacks. Just take the feedbacks and try to understand what exactly they want from your application. With this approach, it’ll be easier to create an application that matches with customer needs.

Don’t stop with one app! Just Create more.

Start developing apps of different genre and create a portfolio of applications to showcase your credibility. Besides, creating different kinds of applications will help you understand user perspectives and what kinds of applications sell red-hot in the market or what businesses prefer. With this approach, you could easily build apps that impress businesses and entice end users.

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