5 Essential Features of a Good CMS and Future Trends

September 23, 2022

Idhaya M V

5 Essential Features of a Good CMS and Future Trends

What is a CMS? 

Over the last few decades, there has been an explosion of digital content over various channels. Channels, interfaces, and devices are only getting multiplied day by day. Content has the power to help business leaders make their decisions and the ability to build a brand from scratch. With more digitization, the need for CMS systems will only grow. 

Content Management Systems, popularly known as CMSs, help create content on a website without much coding expertise. This has helped even non-tech teams be able to manage web content with ease.  

According to marketsandmarkets, the Web Content Management Market will grow from USD 6.9 billion in 2021 to USD 14.3 billion by 2026 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 15.7% during the forecast period.

CMS is a mature technology; many businesses use it to build their websites and host content. However, with increasing customer expectations and cyber threats, business leaders must be aware of the essential features of a Good CMS and the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition. 

What must a Good CMS have? 

Uncomplicated and User-Friendly interface 

Your website is your organization’s identity, representing all your work and offerings. So, developing a unique website is critical for business. And being able to do it with ease is essential. One of the main things you need to look for in a CMS is an easy-to-operate interface and functions. That is step number one for your success. 

Straight Forward Approval Process for Content Creators
Content creators are an essential group of CMS end-users. Furthermore, because many content creators lack coding skills, a CMS should be user-friendly for all content creators, regardless of technical prowess.  A straightforward workflow approval process and easy-to-use editors that can align the content created with much effort are essential for a good CMS.   

A good CMS is a system that allows writers to write and beautify their content without heavy code work and code editors. The more CMS can lift the technical load off content creators’ shoulders, and the better marketing can be. Moreover, a good CMS should be easily editable and compatible with most plugins for seamless integration. 

Multi-Channel Support 

Multi-Channel is as simple as it sounds – reaching out to people in multiple ways/channels.  

There are multiple channels through which businesses can reach their audience today. To name a few, print media, social media, third-party websites, websites of other companies you own, blogs, newsletters, mobile apps, responsive websites, online magazines, and many more.  Today, irrespective of size, companies opt for multi-channel support while marketing about them. A good CMS should have features to distribute content in multiple channels efficiently and effectively. 

Different User Roles and Permissions to Access 

While making it easier for various users to enter their data and view content, it can pose a significant security threat. Allowing all your employees to edit and publish anything they want can be a bit of a fly-in-the-ointment. After all, you wouldn’t want unverified or spam information to be put out on behalf of the organization.  Approval procedures are a must, and role-based access is essential for a good CMS. Therefore, reading, writing, and editing rights should be well defined in a good CMS. 


With all the multi-channel, multi-lingual & multi-user factors, cyber-attacks are a serious risk factor at any given time.  

According to Forbes, the number of cybercrime complaints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation rose 7% in 2021 to 847,376, and total money lost to cybercrime increased 64% to $6.9 billion.  

It looks like this will only be on an upscale in the coming years. Statistics show organizations losing thousands of dollars to cyber-attacks due to a lack of proper structured security in their systems. Even a single vulnerable point on your website can be an opportunity for a skilled hacker.  So, it is essential to stress the need for tight security, and a good CMS should offer the necessary features to fortify this security.  

Please keep reading to choose CMS software that has it all for your content management needs.

Top CMS Trends to watch out for in 2022 

Content Management with AI 

Artificial intelligence can now help you to arrange and centralize all your content in one place. Research is being conducted to find innovative ways to use AI in everyday content management processes and how to improve them using machine learning. 

AI content management can help you with: 

And much more.

Headless CMS 
A headless CMS enables you to manage all your content in one place and still be able to deploy that content across channels of your choice. According to BusinessWire’s latest report, the Headless CMS market was valued at around USD $328.5 Million in 2019, and experts have projected it to reach USD $1628.6 Million by 2027. This provides front-end flexibility of the highest order. Most of the organizations are moving towards this trend to make their work easier.

A headless CMS can:

Data-Driven Content Management 

It is estimated that organizations that use data-driven marketing are six times more likely to remain profitable. Due to technological advancements, the content team has more access to customer data. This improves the efficiency of processing real-time data. This increases user engagement and enhances customer interaction. 


Personalizing a content piece enables more interaction with website visitors. It is becoming difficult to retain the website visitor’s attention with myriad content available everywhere. Personalizing content helps here. But personalizing is a complex process and requires advanced technology. But that’s the same reason; it’s a trend to watch out for. With many technology experts working around to improve personalization, it is a space everyone is excitedly watching at.

Personalized CMS: 

Metaverse Content Management 
It is expected that the internet’s future will be the metaverse. The metaverse is nothing but a concept in which users can interact with each other in a 3D virtual reality space. It can be your organization’s digital touch point and will significantly enable a user’s freedom and creativity. It is no less to tell that the wisest choice organizations have made is to look ahead to the future with this technology.   

These are a few trends that are worthy of keeping an eye on to improve your CMS. 

Few Popular CMS platforms

Thoughts to ponder 

Now after understanding the necessity of a good CMS, we must agree that the term “good” is subjective; it varies from person to person and organization to organization based on their needs and vision for the future.  

There are 2 major questions that organizations would need to investigate: 

  • Is the CMS 100% suitable for all kinds of situations?
  • If yes, does cost of web development fall within our financial budget?

Although these 2 questions may be the most pressing in decision-making, many other such questions will arise. Specially with Therefore, it is good practice to analyze the organization’s needs and verify if the CMS matches their unique success definition, in alignment with their vision and mission.  

That is where we can be of great help 

At Eleviant, we have experience implementing digital solutions using enterprise and open-source content and data management platforms like SharePoint, Drupal, Sitecore, Pimcore, and WordPress. From consulting to deployments to maintenance, we offer a full range of digital content management services. With years of expertise in CMS services, we can provide a solution that perfectly fits your organization’s prerogatives. 

A ‘Good CMS’ is now just a click away. 

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