How SharePoint Workflow Automation Expedites Productivity and Growth?

April 25, 2017

Anand Kannan


In the evolving business world, enhancing productivity through organized and streamlined workflow is the key to constant success. Bringing down the time to market and meeting deadlines is always critical and ensuring streamlined workflows is right approach to make it happen.

This post highlights the top challenges faced by enterprises without workflow systems and how SharePoint workflow automation can improve the lackadaisical business process.

Simplifies and expedites time-consuming processes.

Challenge: Every business involves surplus businesses processes and workflows. For instance, the Supply Chain Management workflow process involves multiple levels of approvals. The manual workflow consumes a long time and this impacts the complete process.

Solution: Streamlining the workflow and automating with SharePoint solution will assist everyone in the process to visualize and realize the most recent happenings and enables quick decision makings for rapid approvals.

Enables hierarchy for better workflow approvals.

Challenge: Oftentimes, workflow approval delays are a huge concern for businesses. In large organizations, delays in approvals can lead to missing deadlines and this could affect business ROI badly. ‘The delays in workflows are due to inept hierarchy.

Solution: Workflow automation allows for setting up well-defined approval system. With a transparent and defined hierarchy, it is easier to expedite the process and perform the approvals at a faster rate.

Stops employees from leaving the company.

Challenge: Unorganized workflow and improper communication between workforce and management is one of the reasons that forces employees to leave a company. Lack of proper and transparent communication channel enforces them to make such harsh decisions.

Solution: Setting up an internal SharePoint intranet for your business will ensure employees and management are on the same page. This enables employees to see through the every happening and ensures trust on your brand.

Enhances accuracy and reduces paperwork.

Challenge: Most often, during extensive processes, entering the data and retrieving it at critical times is often a problem and can be time consuming. In addition, paperwork involves of substantial cash and filing, managing the data in papers can delay the process even more.

Solution: A well-defined workflow automated solution resolves this problem as the process never requires paperwork and human intervention. In fact, it is seamless to store and retried data using such system.

Saves time.

Challenge: Manual workflow process involves huge spends and consumes time. This impedes the progress of the process which in turn affects the output. Time delay and cost involved are two major concerns that can be detrimental to business growth.

Solution: With a streamlined and automated workflow using SharePoint solution in place, the entire process gets simplified and so a lot of time will be saved.

Give your enterprise the SharePoint edge by automating the complete workflows for experiencing a substantial growth and productivity.

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