5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Sales Force Automation

January 17, 2019

Anand Kannan

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Sales Force Automation

64 percent of a salesperson’s time, more than five hours out of an eight-hour work day, is spent not selling.


Where and how do they spend their time then?

If the sales team is not spending time on the things they are supposed to do in this hyper-competitive market-place, it can be costly. Rather than spending time on sales they are forced to deal with a murky database, demand generation, sifting through siloed profiles, and repeat customer advocacy, manually.

Manual tasks, which were the order of the day back then, are increasingly proving to be a huge bottleneck towards simplifying and improving critical business processes. Technology is the enabler of business process automation (BPA), and it can automate workflows to the point where human intervention is unnecessary.

Companies harnessing the potential of sales force automation (SFA) are making giant strides by not only winning against brimming competition but also earning customers’ trust.

If a sales rep does not get back to a lead fast enough, your customers might settle with a competitor that responds swiftly.

In fact, the research firm Aberdeen Group determined that best-in-class adopters of sales force automation systems saw their deals increase in size by an average of 27%.

Still wondering why your business must focus on sales force automation?

Well, here are 5 reasons why your business should embrace the sales automation solution to sway customers and beat the competition.

Why do organizations need an automated sales process?

Many small and medium-sized businesses face the challenge of keeping their sales force aligned, informed and engaged to the omnichannel customer base, with fragmented digital trails.

The top two process challenges that sales organizations face is meeting the customers’ expectations and staying ahead of the curve.

Sales person as a trusted consultant rather than a rep!

As a modern-day business, you have to delight customers with a smarter sales experience. Today’s customers demand a trusted consultant and not a sales person who focuses solely on selling a product/service.

According to research, 79% of business prospects look for personal consultants understanding their challenges and offering relevant solutions rather than considering them as mere leads.

Your salespeople have to make timely and informed decisions based on real-time data during customer meetups. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool will enable your team with the latest business data to help you provide solutions aligning with the customers’ goals and expectations.

By facilitating real-time analytics combined with behavioral recommendations based on AI, opting for an automated sales force system integrated with your CRM will enable your team to interact, engage and persuade customers in a better way.

Unique sales approach to modern customer acquisition

Successful sales teams equip their reps with smarter selling capabilities as they are readily prepared for the on-the-move, intelligent marketplace of the future.

Research suggests that 60% of sales professionals surveyed say their productivity increased by 25% through collaborative selling. By integrating cross-functional teams like marketing and services, your sales will perform better and efficiently.

The majority of the sales force acknowledges the significance of a aggregated view of customer data since it enables delivering relevant solutions based on customer capabilities at the right time.

Reducing inefficiency with open sales technology

A whopping 64% of an average sales rep’s time is spent on non-selling tasks, which they’d rather invest in building relationships with new customers. Nowadays, sales team have to depend on smarter analytics and mobile capabilities to face the customer base with an appetite for personalized and demanding solutions.

Automating your sales force processes not only eliminates the arduous task of streamlining their sales operations but also keeps their customer relationship management (CRM) tool up-to-date. This opens the possibility of new tech integration for customized workflows.

The increasing impact of AI on sales

Automated lead nurture and engagement processes free up your salespeople from manually reaching out to every new lead that comes their way. Rather than spending time on back-and-forth messages to determine a prospect’s level of interest, an AI powered assistant can comfortably manage these otherwise mundane and repetitive tasks.

Studies show that only 27% of leads ever get contacted. An AI-powered assistant can save your salespeople’s time and resources by helping them focus on leads genuinely interested and more likely to convert. The influence of AI helps your team report increased productivity as they cater to the growing needs of rapidly changing customer preferences in the marketplace.

Streamline your sales funnel

A synchronized process workflow between your sales and marketing teams not only ensures far fewer breakpoints where a potential lead could fall in the cracks but also provides personalized and contextual information.

Staying on top of all your contacts can be overwhelming at times. Automatic lead prioritization and management helps your sales personnel stay on top of all your leads and thus helps making those critical warmup sales calls on-time.

By integrating your digital sales platform with your enterprise tools (CRM, ERP), you are gaining overall sales workflow visibility along with contextual insights and demand-gen opportunities to drive home your leads.

How do you get started?

Well, choose a technology partner who can understand your requirements and pitfalls in your niche before implementing a sales automation solution.

It’s time to make the right move, i.e., start automating your sales process today. Interested? Talk to our experts.

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