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International CTIA Wireless Event 2012

May 8, 2013

International CTIA Wireless Event 2012

A walkthrough of the International CTIA wireless 2012 event held in New Orleans Louisiana. The event attracted more than 5900 exhibitors including Technology companies F500s G2000s Networking Giants Mobile Solution providers etc from across the globe. Eleviant Tech was at the event listening and interacting with industry experts from across the United States.

This year’s Tradeshow took the appearance of a dedicated infomercial towards solution providers in Mobility and wireless shifting more towards spectrum. The Event was all engrossed in Android & HTML5.

The Show took a knockoff start with the CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent’s introductory speech riveted at the challenges to be faced by carriers and Mobile Solution providers if fresh spectrum did not come into rescue!

A highlighted feature of the event was the Spellbinding Speeches of CEO’s and Presidents of Giant companies summarized below:

Joe Kennedy CEO & President of Pandora discussed the role played by mobile in redefining radio for a connected world and added that Music-based applications are on the rise with cloud backed services and predominance of Radio Apps in the US marks an expectation from the developing countries into moving towards mobile radio services soon thus generating good returns!

Former US President Bill Clinton illuminated by the mobile phones usage in enabling detection of counterfeit drugs in Africa and connecting refugees across the globe. He included that the Technologies were also helping America’s huge battle in controlling its health cost through mHealth that allows greater focus on reducing medical errors mobile wireless treatments and monitoring thus reducing the costs of medicos running down for consultations.

Gary Flood President of Global Products and Solutions MasterCard Worldwide demonstrated the impact mobile and online would have on people’s thoughts about a world beyond cash and all payments and processes through mobile and wireless devices.

Gary Kovacs CEO of Mozilla Corporation launched an OS based on HTML5 what he termed as the B2G capability is ready to power devices and platforms putting users back in control and creating limitless opportunities for innovation. The most surprising fact according to Kovacs was that China Russia and India are the maximum connected countries on mobile.

John Partridge President of Visa Inc. stressed by the part played by mobile and social networks in enabling secure mCommerce.He also added that between 2012 and 2016 there would be huge impact of mobile applications in Indian markets. He pointed out that developing countries like India Bangladesh Nigeria and Brazil are concentrating on 100% mobile payment programs and moving towards NFC based solutions. Mobile money is debuting in Australia Canada and Singapore.

John Riccitiello CEO of Electronic Arts gave statistical data on the amount of time spent by an average individual on gaming which outweighed the number of minutes spent talking. His discussion was about mGamesand emphasized on the growing need of Smartphone games and the high revenues to be generated. Trends say that in 2012 $40 Bn will be spent on Game Applications. Riccitiello has reassured that when cable consumers have the option to play games TV will lose its charm and Games will win every time.

There was no disappointment for those looking for the Mobile Wallet too. Both visa and Master card had their digital wallets namely and Pay Pass typically acceptance marks just like ‘PayPal’ thus master card trying to enter into the Mobile payment Game with NFC and One-click internet Shopping.

It was an enthralling 3-Day event and we’ve just managed to give all the key points. This event reassures the importance of mobile and wireless devices in everyday operations in years to come!

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