Automating Paycheck Protection Program

Helping Banks Automate SBA PPP Applications with RPA
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The RPA Advantage Powered by Uipath

Eleviant Tech in partnership with UiPath – a leading enterprise-grade automation platform, help your employees with a seamless loan application process with its SBA PPP Automation Solution. This solution is easily deployable, reducing a 30-minute loan approval endeavor to a 3-minute simple process.

The new and improved loan approval process entails

  • Use of OCR+RPA+AI to extract data
  • Transformation & Transposition of data in real-time
  • Automated Validation / Screening

What our customers say

“…what a pleasure it has been to deal with the (Eleviant) team. They are always so well-prepared and so knowledgeable. It is a rare experience these days to experience this type of expertise and professionalism…”

Shauna E. Bowman, P.E.,
President & Founder
Toro Bravo Construction LLC

See RPA in action

Are your employees spending too much time processing invoices?

With the new directive of PPP loan for the SMBs, banks and financial institutions are overwhelmed with high volumes of loan applications and conventional means of reviewing the applications and related business documents.
Some of the challenges experienced by these institutions.
Eleviant Tech can help banks and financial institutions automate and streamline this high volume of application with the help of its SBA PPP Automation Solution.

Tackling a Large Flow of Applications & Documents

High-Load Bottleneck Affecting the Systems

Short-Staffed for Application Reviewal

Constant Delays Due to Manual Processing

Limited to No Expertise to Handle this Unique Demand

How does SBA PPP automation works with RPA

Trusted by global clients

Increase your PPP loan processing efficiency with Eleviant’s SBA PPP Automation and downsize on the manual effort and time expended.

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