5 Ways Chatbots Are Transforming E-Commerce

April 19, 2019

5 Ways Chatbots Are Transforming E-Commerce

It’s no secret that some people prefer virtual communication with businesses over using the telephone or having face-to-face conversations to answer their questions.

This has been observed by several sectors that consider virtual communication to be an important element for customer engagement. And this way brings them closer to their target audience.
Chatbots are gaining popularity in sectors like e-Commerce, travel & hospitality, food & beverage, ticketing websites, logistics, the event industry, retail, and more.

They help streamline the order processing and undertake an end-to-end approach that keeps the customer updated about:

  • Product Purchases
  • Tracking information
  • Any questions the customer might have

For instance, consider a customer, who is looking for a pair of shoes online. The chatbot can help them decide among an array of color & style options, help them purchase through a secure payment gateway, and track the location of the shoes.

The bot takes care of every activity – from shipping and transit, to giving the delivery details once an order arrives at the destination.

Chatbots: A helping hand for businesses

Chatbots also help companies reduce the stress of overburdened customer support, especially during the holiday season. During these high traffic periods, the sheer enormity of demand can lead to confusion, wrong deliveries, and not to mention – highly disappointed customers.

Chatbots can help businesses with:

1. Extensive customer assistance

Shopping doesn’t end with the choice of clothes but with a smooth order process & delivery. Manual execution of such tasks is not possible for thousands of shoppers across the globe.
Chatbots keep customers informed about their products in real time.

2. Round-the-clock assistance

Chatbots gives customers the flexibility to pose their queries or to check the location of their order at any given place and time, including outside normal business hours.

3. Customer interaction & engagement personified

Chatbots are handling all the aspects of delivery while assuring customers with updated statuses. This is hitting the target when it comes to interaction and engagement.

4. Easy data monitoring & analysis

Chatbots produce great conversations with the customer. No matter what the conclusion is, these chatbots can provide an insight into what went wrong, what went right, and what needs to be fine-tuned to get it right the next time.

5. A better communication interface

Features like onsite tracking, ratings & reviews, and product finder can be embedded in a chatbot to help customers offer their feedback instantly, instead of being confined to forms. It can help your business to expand the marketing funnel by showing diverse products to ignite the customer’s interest for further shopping.


Chatbots are the perfect virtual customer support that offer instant solutions. Even in the case of negative interactions, they can remain unfazed and avert a crisis with a polite apology. They can be tweaked and refined further based on past experiences and help organizations improve customer interaction multifold.

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