Creative Chatbot Ideas to Advance Your Online Business in 2020

January 21, 2021


Creative Chatbot Ideas to Advance Your Online Business in 2020

Productivity is one of the hardest things many people struggle to achieve.  Running your own business requires you to share your attention in a million different places at once. That’s why you hire employees—to delegate many of the necessary tasks to keep the business going and to give you peace of mind.

But it’s not always easy to hire the right people.  Sometimes you may be strapped for cash, trying to do more with less.  Other times they might just not be a great culture fit for your business brand. So, you might look at technology solutions to automate the heavy workload at an affordable price.

A common tool for communication and problem-solving is a chatbot.  You may know chatbots for their presence on company websites to engage visitors in a lead funnel.  Or perhaps you’ve interacted with one during a customer service session.

Chatbots are versatile in their usage, and today we’ll explore some creative ideas to advance your online business in 2020.

Dispatch the SuperBots

Communication is such an important part of running a successful business. When you deliver concise messaging to your customers, employees, and prospects, you establish trust and clarity in your business identity. Communication, when done correctly, brings profit is not just financial gain, but time savings and positive morale boost.

And so chatbots themselves are constructing these compelling narratives to share with your audience, authored by you in the way that YOU want to be represented. This is to say that chatbots by design, are extensions of the people that create them.  Chatbots are not replacing people but augmenting their reach and capacity to communicate with others.

This takes form in many ways.  Let’s explore a few by starting on your business website.

Make the first move.

Visit a website and tell me the first place your eyes land. Did you look at the bottom right near the footer?  Probably not. Most likely it was an image or video that caught your attention.  So many times businesses add chatbots to their websites only to be overlooked because the visitors didn’t see it.

Their attention is focused on consuming the content & navigating through the colorfully designed UX a web developer made to find a goal. Imagine for a moment, you are in an art museum or a state fair.  You are exploring the area and find a help desk amongst the crowd.  If the lady at the counter were to wave at you with a big smile on her face, you would go visit to see what she had to say.

Chatbots that make the first move by opening the conversation are 10x more likely to be engaged.

Once the conversation starts, then you can offer value through all the hard work you made constructing the chatbot.  But getting there is the hard part. A couple of different first move options that are easy to do:

  • Pulse the chatbox with a flicker. Humans are very responsive to animation and movement.  Our attention is just drawn to dynamic environments, which is why video is so addictive over its static counterparts!
  • Open a smaller dialogue window with a simple sentence like, ‘interested in pricing? I can help!’. By writing short-form dialogue that shows the purpose of a bot, you can entice visitors to explore their options in a different way.
  • Add a condition before opening the whole chat window. These conditions can take form as time delays or even user actions.

Catch them once more before they leave.

User actions on your website are good indicators of what’s working and not working to meet your intended goals.  A pretty common goal is sales conversions whether that be a direct purchase through an eCommerce platform, or scheduling a call with a sales representative for a service or more complex solution.

In the former example, abandoned carts happen all the time. So chatbots serve a real purpose by engaging people on potentially missed opportunities. Say a visitor is about to leave the website, he or she can be prompted by the chatbot ‘are you sure you want to leave?’ And you could take this a step further by offering a  “discount” or other offerings.

Take a longer sale in the B2B space.  Right before a visitor is about to leave the site, the chatbot offers a going-away present like a checklist, template, or on-demand webinar to download and use.  Chatbots are communicating value by sharing information at just the right time at just the right place.

Personalise based on their location.

There are chatbots.  And then there are chatbots powered by artificial intelligence.  The best bots out on the market aren’t just mindless FAQ spewers (although they have their place too), but bots that adapt to the visitors’ location.

When I say location, I mean both physically and digitally.  Every person that visits around the world can have the chatbot speak in their own language automatically. Every website page has it’s own welcome message catered towards the specific needs of the visitor at that time. Every time a person who interacted with the chatbot in the past revisits, the chatbot remembers him or her and pulls from past memory on those individual preferences.

The power of personalization separates the great chatbots from the good ones.

Extend Your Influence

The ideas you can implement in your chatbot for an online website is not just limited to prospects and customers.  Consider your employee’s communication needs as well.  Human Resource management is a key part of employee well-being.  After all, happy employees make for happy customers.

So look for ways to engage your team with intuitive chatbot support.  Here are a couple of features chat is doing in the HR and recruiting space:

  • Coordinating leave requests through LMS.
  • Coordinating performance appraisal sessions
  • Scheduling and updating candidate appointments

Want to know more about HR opportunities for chatbots?  Definitely check out these webinars for an in-depth discussion on the merits of communication for employees.

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