Top 7 Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

August 13, 2019


Top 7 Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) boasts more than 1,00,000 users across 190 nations throughout the globe. With the introduction of AWS cloud in 2004, businesses across diverse verticals got a new chance to have less variable costs supplanting infrastructure-related high costs. This isn’t the only perk. There are many more benefits of Amazon Web Services, which we will soon discuss.

Organizations no longer have to anticipate and get the IT ground-work done. For example, servers in advance. Instead, cloud technology can bring in results rapidly by getting to a large number of servers virtually within a few minutes.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services began to offer web benefits as IT framework administrations in 2004 for public use. AWS cloud computing gives an easy, versatile, and profoundly dependable framework platform in the cloud.

This has been endorsed by a huge number of organizations across the globe. Countries like North America, South America, Canada, China, European Union, and many more are included in the list.

These locations are extensive enough to ensure the framework is powerful and safeguarded against the effects of disruptions and other malfunctions. As indicated in the website of AWS, the following features are included in the service: 

  • Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL management database system
  • Amazon EC2 refers to adaptable virtual servers in the cloud
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is the accessible capacity in the cloud
  • AWS Lambda service runs code without focusing on servers
  • Amazon Aurora is also a high-execution relational database management system
  • Amazon Lightsail introduces and oversees virtual private servers
  • Amazon SageMaker is a cloud machine learning program that develops, trains, and sends AI models at scale
  • Amazon RDS is a relational database management for Prophet, MySQL, SQL Server,
  • PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc.
  • Amazon VPC refers to ton isolated cloud assets

7 Best Benefits of AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Although there are other cloud service providers in the market, Amazon boast some of the biggest business organizations such as Dow Jones, Comcast, Adobe, PBS as its clients. And the reason behind such success is the unique benefits that AWS offers.

The various benefits of AWS include:

1. Comprehensive

Changing from on-location stockpiling to the cloud is very easy with AWS because of the contribution they have made in training and education. The cloud powerhouse offers an abundance of information on their site, including documentation and instructional videos to begin working with AWS, their different facilities, etc.

Moreover, AWS has a Partner Network, which is comprised of expert firms that help clients structure, engineer, manufacture, migrate, and deal with their workloads at hand and applications on AWS.

2. Cost-Effective

Regardless of whether you are a start-up or a huge venture organization, you can economize only when you can leverage the services that your business needs. AWS offers economical pricing that is very much affordable in comparison to other on-premises services cost.

You can think about the expense of running your applications in an on-premises or co-location. That can be huge. However, one of the best benefits of using AWS is its cost-effectiveness.

3. Adaptable

Regardless of whether this is the first time that you are moving into the cloud, or moving from another cloud service platform, AWS has every asset you require to enhance your IT framework.

Their model helps in scaling assets up or down, which means your business doesn’t have to face any apprehension when volume is an issue or when necessities keep varying. You do not have to make any wild guess or invest in some scientific investigation to recognize the requirements of your framework.

You can use auto-scaling to formulate a self-overseeing framework adjusted accordingly to the actual requirement depending on the traffic/assets used.

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) empowers you to turn up clones in numerous areas for various situations in just a couple of minutes, disposing of the need to rehash the set-up stages each time.

4. Security

Safe-guarding your business from potential information leaks and the risk of hacks is of supreme significance for AWS. They have some well-perceived compliance affirmations and stick to security laws from around the globe.

The fact that organizations like NASDAQ, HealthCare.Gov, Dow Jones use AWS platform, is an evidence that shows how trusted and secured AWS is as a cloud service.

AWS has manufactured a world-class, exceptionally secure framework, both physically and virtually. Given below are a few of the features from the safety efforts referenced on AWS site:

  • Various geographic districts and Availability Zones enable you to stay flexible even with most failure modes, including system non-fulfillment or natural catastrophes.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and CloudTrail to hold track of all tasks done by various clients.
  • Server centers are staffed 24×7 with a trained security team, and access is approved carefully on a least privilege premise.
  • Capacity to design built-in firewall rules from absolutely open to totally private or in some cases, somewhere in between to control access to occurrences.
Casestudy: Scaling a web portal into a Cloud-based eCommerce platform using AWS

5. Improved Productivity

Having AWS to back your cloud computing shows excluding the obligations and dangers related to containing interior IT framework. It additionally lessens the requirement for IT support staff and spares your organization the time and expenses in the long haul.

6. Innovation

Many experts around the world say that it is not only Amazon Web Service’s competitive pricing but its commitment to innovation that eventually enable it to boast about having the names of many of the leading corporate brands in its clients’ list.

AWS might have competitors like Microsoft and Google when it comes to prices, but when it comes to the dedication and innovation, there is no other cloud service provider in the market who can effectively compete with Amazon Web Services.

7. Global Leader

Amazon Web Services has its network in almost 190 nations across the world and supports over a million active clients. They have as their customers some the major as well as smallest organizations. And the endeavor does not stop there, AWS has been providing services even the public sectors.

As organizations keep moving to the cloud, alternatives for cloud-based services keep multiplying. However, only a handful of options meet as wide a scope of business needs as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

So, running your applications on AWS can enable you to move quicker, work more safely, save significant amounts of money, and scaling your business.

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