5 Exciting Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming HR Processes

August 7, 2018

Anand Kannan


Unsatisfied, unhappy and overwhelmed employees will be inefficient and unproductive, and this reflects on the overall performance of your organization’s outcomes. And, mostly it’s the HR team that faces the uphill task of employee engagement and retention.

According to a Gallop News Report, 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work and companies with highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

Are your employees engaged?’

You should understand that it is not about how things are done in your company but how your employees feel when things are done.

To engage employees, analyzing and getting real-time insights of their state of mind is recommended which is adamantly followed by successful companies on a regular basis.

Boost Employee Engagement with AI

Powered with Artificial Intelligence you can empower your HR team with the accurate metrics of employees’ behaviors and help them understand their respective moods and use that to improve their morale, and eventually production rate. This is a must before the gap between you and your employees widen.

AI enables your HR team to parse, analyze and transform data into an easy-to-digest format to enable faster decisions.

1. Analyzing and Understanding Employee Problems with AI

An effective method to measure employee engagement is by collecting employees’ direct feedback. With the help of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled AI system, your HR team can solicit and analyze the feedback to make better, faster decisions whenever needed.

With the accurate data, your HR heads and managers can fix the real-time challenges faced and communicated by the employees to ensure better engagement.

This helps businesses improve the employee retention rate significantly.

2. Reshaping the Hiring Process

Talent acquisition is the biggest challenge every HR team faces. Your company is no different and this a monotonous task. With an AI-powered system in place, your HR team can gather in-depth data of profiles, run background checks, analyze performance metrics, measure skills, and validate education without any hardship and in no time.

This will enable your HR team to eliminate 75% of candidates that don’t match their business’ agenda.

3. Reinventing the Onboarding Process

Onboarding new employees is a critical process and impressing the staff with a well-planned onboarding program will keep them engaged with your organization.

Conventional onboarding processes involve multiple steps, including lots of form fills and documentations. Engaging employees with simple and customized onboarding procedures with an AI solution will enable the HR team to win the confidence of staff against your brand.

4. Revamping the Training Process

It applies to both existing and newcomers that upgrading current skills to match the most recent technology updates is critical, and through AI, HR managers can schedule, organize and conduct training programs.

In short, the tiresome training processes can be made interactive, agile and efficient.

5. Revitalizing the Performance Analysis Process

Measuring the performance of employees on a frequent basis for promotions and rewards consumes a lot of time. AI can simplify this grueling process through intelligent automation with in-depth granular details of employees and their performance metrics for seamless onboarding.

From the discussion, it is evident that AI is a potential game changer, and this is the reason why smart business leaders are adopting to this technology fast to engage their employees better and boost outcomes.

Are your employees engaged? ‘NO?’ Let’s talk. ‘We have helped several brands with AI-powered solutions to ensure better employee engagement, leading to improved profits.

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