Banking Bot

Banking Bot

Banking Bot

Banking institutions are looking to increase their customer support by augmenting technology to assist employees with the volume of requests. For retail and commercial banks, managing timely responses with accurate data is paramout for building trust and upholding their reputation as the premiere financial institution of choice. To supplement the workforce, a chatbot is the perfect solution. Powered by artificial intelligence, our customer service banking bot can assist customers with a variety of financial topics.

This chatbot comes with:

  • COVID-19 specific FAQs to inform and protect your customers
  • Worldwide branch information including hours of operation so your customers can find their preferred location.
  • Scheduled appointment setting with all the details for your employees to manage only the most complex cases customers have.

FAQ examples

  • “Do you provide SBA loans?”
  • “Are the symptons of COVID-19 different in children than adults?”
  • “Where do I find my banking number and routing number?”