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Our seasoned developers will work with you to develop an innovative and engaging enterprise mobile application for your company. We can handle any idea using our decade of mobile app development expertise.

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Eleviant brings together a team of talented analysts, UI/UX designers, solution architects, developers, testers, and project managers. Our skilled staff can consolidate data, automate procedures, and design enterprise-ready solutions.

Our experience includes building apps for Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail.

Sync & Collaborate To Boost Productivity

Do your employees re-enter data into several applications? Is legacy software impeding corporate mobility? 

Eleviant understands the importance of businesses synchronizing and collaborating with systems, applications, and teams. For the past 18 years, we have assisted businesses in leveraging technology to increase efficiency, production, and income. We give optimal technology solutions for your challenging business demands.

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Work From Anywhere

Empower employees to stay productive no matter where they are. Whether your company has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or a Company Owned/Business Only (COBO) policy, allow them to access business information from anywhere and grow your business securely.

Integrate Business Applications

Stand-alone legacy applications and custom tools can stop information flow in your enterprise. An enterprise app can bridge the gap between your teams by integrating all of your business applications into one app.

Automate Processes

Paper-based processes and legacy applications with tedious processes can frustrate employees and reduce productivity. An expert enterprise mobile app development team can help save time and money by correctly leveraging emerging technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Agile Development Transformation

Our agile development methodology creates highly flexible engagement models that thoroughly evaluate your business’s needs and goals to ensure that the final solution is efficient and cost-effective.

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Why Eleviant

As your business expands, you will likely face challenges such as disengaged employees, information silos, and inefficient software and tools. A highly customized enterprise mobility solution can solve these problems and drive business growth.

Eleviant offers a talented team of analysts, UI/UX designers, solution architects, developers, testers, and project managers. Whether you want to unify scattered data and systems, automate workflows or build wearable solutions, our proficient team has the expertise to deliver unmatched services. We have developed apps for various sectors such as Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail.

Enterprise App Development Services

Enterprise Mobile App Consulting

Make better technology decisions with our client-first mobile consulting services. We put your business needs first and work with you to discover your enterprises’ mobile readiness and narrow down the right mobile strategy.

Native Android & iOS App Development

From smartphones and tablet apps to Android TV, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS apps, we have developed and deployed top-notch native app solutions for global clients.

Cross-Platform App Development

Unlock operational excellence with a custom-built, robust cross-platform enterprise application. Our team has extensive experience building cross-platform enterprise mobile apps using frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin to enhance user experience while saving costs.

App Modernization

Don’t let a rigid legacy system weigh down your business. We help you boost business productivity and performance with a tailored modernization strategy.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobilize your workforce, streamline and automate processes without security concerns. We’ve designed and developed secure enterprise mobility systems for Construction, Logistics & Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Healthcare industries.

App Maintenance and Enhancements

We are committed to delivering value at every stage. From bug fixes to mobile app upgrades and feature enhancements, we are here to provide on-demand support so that your business runs flawlessly.

Industry-Specific Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Searching for ways to shorten production cycles? We can help. A feature-rich, user-friendly enterprise app does more than just bring agility to your workplace. It can help your employees perform various operations in real-time and tackle challenges effectively.
  • Real-time field productivity data
  • Location monitoring
  • Material and cost management
  • Time tracking
  • Predictive Maintenance
Empower your team to perform core business functions from anywhere. With an enterprise app, your team can map journeys and can manage trucks in real-time. Our team has extensive experience in logistics app development.
  • Fleet Management and Maintenance
  • Driver Management
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Route Optimization
  • Real-time Location Tracking
Manage field crew, job schedules, project milestones, equipment and more effortlessly with a custom mobile app. Complete project faster by leveraging emerging technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Job site activity and progress tracking
  • Geofencing and GPS tracking
  • Drawings version control
  • Safety Management
  • Project Planning
Manage shifts without conflicts, monitor employee work hours and automate time tracking with the payroll system. Integrate wearable solutions that allow your staff to securely access health records and drug information from any place.
  • Remote Access to medical records
  • Time and Activities management
  • Telemedicine
  • Claims Management
  • Wearables Integration
Gain business intelligence by collecting, processing, and analyzing data in real-time. Incorporate mechanisms such as encryptions, 2- or 3-step verification to allow your staff to securely access confidential customer and partner data.
  • Risk and regulatory compliance management
  • Data visualization and reports
  • Staff payroll management
  • Expenses and Travel Reporting
  • Repetitive Tasks Automation
With a retail enterprise mobile app, you can track inventory across warehouses and even automate restocking. It also simplifies the process of keeping staff informed about price adjustments, promotions, and offers. Floor managers can use the app to manage shifts.
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Electronic Documents
  • Automated Customer Feedback Collection
  • Sales Analytics

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Are your employees switching between different applications and processing data twice? Is your legacy software hindering enterprise mobility? – It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Eleviant, we know how crucial it is for businesses to get systems and applications and teams to work synchronized and collaborative. Over the last 18 years, we’ve helped many companies leverage technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue. No matter how complex your business needs are, we are here to support you with optimal technol ogy solutions.

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