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chatbot trends

Chatbot 2022 trends to shape your business

2021 was a year of conversational automation, primarily due to the pandemic moving everyone on to an environment of predominantly virtual interactions – bringing the subject of AI chatbots to the spotlight for businesses worldwide.    The average chatbot today is far smarter than its counterpart a year ago. You can attribute this to major improvements in the four pillars of conversational engagement –…

Conversational Marketers: Automate Your Lead Generation Process using AI Chatbot

Conversational Marketers: Automate Your Lead Generation Process using AI Chatbot

In 2021, Marketers have become the largest adopters of chatbot automation within businesses, using automated tools 73% more than Sales and 134% more than Finance as reported by HubSpot. Today it is important that businesses start conversations with web visitors to ensure they don’t lose out potential leads to competition. Looking ahead to 2022, Marketing & Sales trends show that it would…

ai recruitment chatbot

The Future of Recruiting: AI chatbots to enrich the application and interviewing process

Recruiters juggle many relationships when trying to hire new employees into a company.  There’s both hiring manager expectations and the candidates’ experience.  How can a recruiter play matchmaker and keep all parties engaged and happy?  Moving into 2021, digital tools assist recruiters in their daily workflow. By harnessing the power of social networking and job board…

Remote Employee Communications

Remote Employee Communications – The Rules Have Changed

This Co-Covid or New Normal shift to remote work has brought several opportunities disguised as challenges for internal communicators within an organization. As we embrace this ‘new normal’, we start to discover new ways of communicating with remote employees, creating an engaged employee experience even while working from different locations, and fostering a culture of…

Chatbots: A Central Knowledge Base For Customers and Employees

Chatbots: A Central Knowledge Base For Customers and Employees

Businesses have a lot of data in their company. Having a central place to access it for both internal and external stakeholders is crucial to productivity. Without it, both employees and customers will be wasting precious time sifting through information to find relevant answers for their specific needs. Knowledge management is an multidisciplinary approach to…

digital workplace for logistics industry

Digital Workplace: The Self-service Hub of Modern Logistics Operations

The global Logistics market was valued at USD 919.12 billion in 2020. The Transport & Logistics Industry’s pace of revenue growth in Q1 2021 accelerated to 21.49 % YoY, reaching a new industry high. In the Transport and Logistics industry, it is essential that both desk workers and field workers are in absolute communication with…

ai customer service chatbot

How Can Humans and AI Collaborate to Improve Customer Service?

Managing customer relations at scale can be taxing on your resources, doubly so if that expectation is needed around the clock. Customer experience is a hot topic these days as brands try to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  To retain loyalty, companies are looking for solutions to augment their existing customer teams while seeking innovative…