The REAL Economic Impact of Microsoft Power Platform for Businesses

May 31, 2022

Pradeep Gwalani

The REAL Economic Impact of Microsoft Power Platform for Businesses


According to a Forrester Economic Impact report, Microsoft Power Platform has successfully offered workflow automation tools to combine and streamline digital process automation. With the advent of robotic process automation, business users can now unearth new analog data through AI capabilities, streamline customer business processes, improve security, and reduce overall costs.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s Forrester study was outlined in motion to affirm and reaffirm the notion that it is headed in the right direction and would bring into fold more optimized solutions for business users. In the 2021 report, the Forrester study clarifies that Microsoft Power Platform has managed to make low-code and no-code development highly effective.

More Intelligent Tools and Complex Workflows  

In 2022, it shouldn’t be a surprise that most business users want to make the most out of intelligence tools and dive into more complex workflows. More capabilities, after all, allow business users to build more personalized solutions, further streamline operations and cut back on development costs.  

The truth is that the Microsoft Power Platform has made it possible for companies to move past the traditional way to perform business tasks and activities. And this, in turn, has had a positive economic impact across the industries.  

MS Power Automate

It’s 2022, and whether or not digital investments are worth it is a moot question. But to make logical, calculated, and efficient decisions, business leaders have to embrace advanced automation solutions. Also, it’s more than streamlining business operations – it’s about taking advantage of integrated and built-in features to make business processes faster, accurate, and effective.  

And the Forrester Economic Impact Report proves that the financial benefits of using Power Automate outweigh its limitations. The study measures the financial toll to invest in digital transformation and why Microsoft Power Automate is in the spotlight.  

In quantifiable terms, the study combined the feedback of various business decision-makers into a central composite and highlighted the findings. The collective results show that the Microsoft Power Platform as a whole allows businesses to drive unprecedented growth and improve overall business outcomes.  

On average, the study found that business leaders using Microsoft Power Platform could increase their return on investment by 502% in less than three years. Furthermore, companies could also cut back on development costs of application by almost 50%.  

Microsoft Power Platform Essentials  

There is a good chance you’ve heard about Power Automate that stems from Microsoft Power Platform in the digital landscape. At its core, the MS Power Platform has four essential products such as Power BI, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate. Overall, the consistent use of Power Apps and Power Automate continues to get more mainstream.   

Power Apps  

MS Power Apps refer to low-code and no-code solutions to build custom apps. These Power Apps make it easier for average users to collect and automate tasks and ensure optimal optimization for the company.  

Power BI  

Power BI is a business analytics solution that offers interactive reports that showcase visual insights. Business leaders can use these visual insights to make more logical business decisions.  

Power Virtual Agents

As the title suggests, this product allows all users to create virtual bots or agents to engage with people intelligently. These bots essentially mimic human behavior. Companies can use the same bots for external and internal uses of businesses and add efficiencies for each service.  

Power Automate

Power Automate is a tool to create custom automated workflows to automate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming business tasks. Think of Power Automate as a toolset that allows businesses to be self-sufficient and set up self-sustainable development efforts.  

Economic Impact and Microsoft Power Platform: Is it a Great Investment?  

Most organizations understand that the paradigm shift in automation tools is bound to transform and reshape how they perform tasks and maintain operations. It is the dawn of a new era, and MS Power Platform allows business users to leverage custom workflows and reports.  

For instance, MS Power Platform products work as a unique model and offer organizations centralized reporting and automated processes. Through Microsoft Power Platform, the ability to respond and address market challenges instantly is within the grasp of modern-day businesses.  

Through MS Power Platform, businesses can become more agile, generate more revenue, and improve overall business outcomes without expensive app development efforts. Power Platform also effectively allows business users to switch intelligence tools and third-party applications.

The REAL Economic Impact of Microsoft Power Platform for Businesses

Not to mention, Power Platform renders more insightful data and accessible reporting for business users that ensures growth-driven decision-making. One of the synergistic perks that stem from a unified solution like MS Power Platform is that it heightens the value of organizations through Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 products.  

What About Challenges?  

The business landscape never stays the same for anyone, and companies have to follow the tide of new trends and tech innovations to maintain a competitive edge in the market. But despite challenges, there is an all-time high demand to use Microsoft Power Platform products. And why wouldn’t it be? It cuts out paper-based and conventional processes, renders actionable insights, addresses app development requests, and eliminates system complexity.  

Sum Up 

Business users can ensure accurate scheduling through various business workflows without getting caught in old-school flows. And that’s because Microsoft Power Automate and MS Power Platform allow businesses to take care of straightforward and complex organizational processes seamlessly.  

Gone are the days of conventional individual computing. Today, business users can leverage to provide coverage for end-to-end processes. This approach also allows business users to move past traditional boundaries from particular applications.  

In hindsight, businesses can leverage Power Automate to cut out repetitive tasks, which, in turn, improves employee productivity. Besides, automating a long list of functions through ready-made templates and custom flows is revolutionary. It also propels businesses to take advantage of different cloud services and applications without reluctance.  

If you are interested to adopt and embrace different products of Microsoft Power Platform like Power Automate, we can help. Contact us to start your journey for a swift digital transformation right now.  

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