The Rapid Rise of Virtual Assistants in Different Industries 

July 13, 2022

Renita Joan

The Rapid Rise of Virtual Assistants in Different Industries 

Have you ever had a customer wait in an endless line for a simple inquiry? Have you ever had a never-ending queue of customers with multiple questions exhausting your customer service staff? Yours is not the only company that faces this problem.  

Organizations around the world are struggling to find a way to address these exhausting challenges. Fortunately, there’s a solution: AI-powered Virtual Assistants, a.k.a Chatbots. 

Introduction to Virtual Assistants 

Virtual assistants are automated systems that can replicate human interaction. It offloads the burden of high-level tasks that may arise at every stage of the process, across functions, and around the clock, allowing you to just handle decision-making.   

For Example: Your customer needs to book a ticket past midnight, and he needs it done right away. However, he is concerned about whether the travel agencies would be open at that hour. Isn’t it true that having your customer service support personnel available 24/7 is nigh on impossible in most cases? AI-powered virtual assistants can be active around the clock and provide a seamless booking experience for the customer, irrespective of the time.   

The primary benefit of virtual assistants for both you and your customers are a more streamlined and effective approach to customer service, with an average satisfaction of 87.58 % for bot-only interactions. Personal assistants can impact almost every industry, including e-commerce, healthcare, travel, banking, hospitality, food, manufacturing, retail, and many more. All you have to do is sit back and make the final decision; virtual assistants will take care of the rest.  

The impact of virtual assistants on the various industries 

Healthcare: Virtual assistants schedule appointments and enter data into applications easily. It also aids front-office operations by accelerating admissions, discharges, transfers, scheduling patient consultations, and sending and receiving referrals with easy patient medical record updates.   

Hospitality: Virtual assistants can reduce time spent on generic FAQs, automate repetitive tasks, and provide insights and information to customers and companies in real-time through in-depth data analysis. It allows customers to book and reserve rooms anytime anywhere, which can also boost their social scores. It can accelerate the lead conversion process and optimize the performance of your sales and marketing teams. 

Banking: Regardless of the time or location, a banking AI-enhanced virtual assistant can be available anytime consumers need them. On-demand personal bankers, wealth managers, loan service agents, and ATM locators are now readily available to customers. They make banking as simple as texting, rapidly responding to questions ranging from simple requests to challenging functions.  It can support a vast spectrum of customer support like fraud detection, adding or removing a payee, setting up a recurring bill payment, checking account overdrafts, and more. 

Food: A virtual assistant lets you address your customers’ most frequent queries, reducing order delay time and easing your order tracking process. It provides a contactless experience for your customers, starting with the meal ordering process and ending with safe payment and delivery, offering them a seamless experience throughout.   

Travel: Virtual assistants can enable you to guide your customers with trip planning, room types, food, trip notes, travel insurance, visa information, safety, medical information, backpacking list, accommodation, transfers from one place to another, climate, and seasonal information. They can also collect this data from your customers in real-time and link it with your CRM, keeping your customers updated with new offers and discounts.  

Manufacturing: Virtual assistants assist customers with service queries and notify everyone in your business, including your employees and customers, about product updates. They also respond to questions from clients and vendors regarding supplies and inventory checks, invoice payments, and product availability. If you consider the rising demand for your product, your company needs a customized VA.

The Future reimagined with Virtual Assistants  

Virtual assistants have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. According to Gartner‘s findings, by 2025, 50% of knowledge workers will use a virtual assistant on a daily basis. VA will become more ubiquitous in the business world, helping to progress the way we operate. Next-generation assistants are likely to become:  

More customized – Businesses can establish personalized interactions that enhance the user experience. Simple things like changing the voice and language can be customized, as well as how the assistants react and respond.  

More context-aware – Virtual assistants can use context to guide their activities. AI-powered virtual assistance analyzes your customer service network and integrates with your platforms and tools to make the entire customer experience faster and smarter from start to end. As a result, your customers’ interactions with your company feel more personalized and contextual.  

More conversational – Virtual assistants will become even more conversational as their capacity to hold conversations strengthens. AI-enabled virtual assistants will allow for more meaningful and longer interactions between customers and brands.  


Interest in virtual assistance is increasing, and the market is expected to be $1+ billion by 2025. AI-enhanced virtual assistants facilitate businesses of all sizes in improving customer service across multiple communication channels, resulting in happier customers and higher business KPIs.  

The Vchat advantage 

vChat virtual assistants offer the finest communication medium for any business operation that wants to make employees’ jobs easier and improve customer satisfaction. Whatever line of work you’re in, vChat can help implement a virtual assistant in your process to improve operations and provide a better experience for both employees and customers.   

So, what’s stopping you? Try Chat today!  

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