How To Increase Mobile App Downloads?

February 27, 2019

Neha Surana


How To Increase Mobile App Downloads?

Did you know that on an average, 6000+ mobile apps are launched every day? Yes, that’s the recent stats from the reputed website Statista says.

With more and more number of apps being launched daily, the field has become highly competitive, making “user acquisition” too challenging for app marketers.

With thousands of apps in the App Stores, how do you expect users to discover your app with ease? The process to increase your app’s visibility isn’t hard, if you know a few tricks.

So, here are 4 important strategies that can help you to increase mobile app downloads.

4 Best Ways To Increase Mobile App Downloads

1. App Store Optimization Is The Key

ASO (App Store optimization) is one of the most crucial factors to help your app page rank organically on different search engines. Besides being so important, many app launchers fail to do this.

Undeniably, “search engines” are the most prominent channels available in the internet world. More than 50% of apps are discovered via searches on the app store.

An optimized app will rank higher in an app store. This means better visibility and higher organic rankings for various keywords (or search terms). Together, they increase the chances of app downloads.

How to do this?
  • Focus on keyword ranking in specific categories.
  • Write a better description.
  • Understand the language usage of prospective customers.

2. Reviews Do A Big Deed

A research study revealed that applications that have higher ratings and better reviews, tend to rank better in the app search results pages. Users tend to trust reviews, as they are recommendations from real people who have already used the app.

No wonder it is vital for businesses to keep their customers happy. Good customer service and support may help earn good ratings.

How to do this?
  • Use it as an outlet to interact with the customers.
  • Be responsive to customer feedback and suggestions.
  • Build trust among users.

3. Check for crash rate

Technical glitches will only bring things down. If there are issues during or after the download – say, for instance, the app crashes or hangs the phone, people will move to another app.

Apps with technical problems will not have good visibility in searches, and this will only bring down the number of downloads.

Hence, it is important to test apps in a very disciplined and proactive manner. Any issues in the app should be addressed before its launch.

How to do this?
  • Solid testing of the app.
  • Checking for bugs and resolving before release.
  • Solve issues immediately when a customer complaint is received.

4. Invest in quality content

Building a brand, especially in an ever-expanding and digitally advanced marketing world, may take some time. It is important to have perseverance and a creative approach to achieve success.

The role of authentic, relevant, and original content cannot be undermined at any cost. It is essential for a business to make its presence online and on various social media platforms.

How to do this?
  • Encourage sharing on social media
  • Promote through digital marketing
  • Create great videos
  • Collaborate with bloggers and influencers

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