10 Free Email Marketing Tools To Help Your Campaign

March 25, 2019

Shefali Mathur

10 Free Email Marketing Tools To Help Your Campaign

Is email marketing what it really used to be?

No. It is even better. Many perceive email marketing to be an archaic methodology of reaching out to people, a process that is long redundant in the age of AI, social media, and SEO marketing.

However, if the phrase “Old is Gold” stands to be true, email marketing is a real goldmine of building relationships and putting the brand out there for consumers to explore.

Email marketing allows users to have real-time metrics and analyze the outcome of their approach. In a nutshell, it ensures that there is a high ROI. This can be achieved by putting automated elements in place that can clock in the right marketing practice for the audience in focus.

This is where tools come in handy. Of course, professional tools come with a good price tag but happily, there are some free email marketing tools that can execute the job well.

10 Best Email Marketing Tools That Are Free

There are thousands of email marketing tools out there, but the real test lies with those that can help brands automate their marketing techniques, offer results in real time, build a brand presence, and is also “cost-effective.”

Since each company is different from the other, customization and personal choice is something to be paid attention to.

Fact: 59% of the B2B marketers say that email is their most successful channel for generating revenue, and 86% of business professionals prefer email for business communication. – Hubspot

These free email marketing tools can help brands boost your marketing game.

Though “Mail Chimp” has a separate paid version, the free version can be leveraged quite gratifyingly to amp the email marketing propaganda.

It is packed with some useful features, one of them being the “Subject Line Researcher.”

It comes with easy email builder, auto-responders, and tracking the analytics. This unique tool, after analyzing the email content of more than 7 million users, can help you draft the perfect subject line that can grab your audience’s attention.

Mail chimp can be integrated with WordPress, Magneto, Shopify, and several other platforms. It makes visibility and marketing easier for the user.

However, when it comes to marketing automation feature, MailChimp needs to be explored in the scope for improvement and innovation.

Email rests upon how you write your subject line and body. Negligence can cost you dearly. Therefore, we suggest you to use “The Hemingway App.” It is perfectly crafted for those looking to write impactful copy and content to lure in the readers.

It can be regarded as the copywriting tool for your email marketing agenda. The app engages in minimal wordplay and helps you to make your write up relevant, to the point, and easy to read, especially for the already-frustrated audience whose inbox is bursting with content that they probably don’t remember subscribing to.

It marks the parts of the material that is difficult to read, based on their levels of legibility. It weeds out passive voice and scores the entire work based on the:

  • Readability
  • Language flow
  • Grammar

An engaging content helps you stay out of the spam box. For this, The Hemingway App is your best bet.

The “Litmus scope” can be your sneak-a-peek buddy. Email marketing, like any other form of marketing, requires inspiration. Often, several email marketers have their inbox full of new campaigns, looking for new ideas.

With Scope, users can not only review and share mobile & desktop previews of their craft but zero-in on relevant campaigns. With the help of its Code Inspector Tool, it gives an in-depth insight into how the campaign creators hit the nail on the head.

Now that the inspiration is in place and the content is just right to appeal to the audience, it always better to test before shooting it off.

“Visual Website Optimizer” lays the testing ground for the email to check for its efficiency and relevance to the task, and the audience.

An all-in-one platform, it helps users conduct visitor research and optimize the content. It runs an optimization program to improve the customer experience, and on the other hand, it lends in customization and analytical input that can help email marketing a proactive process.

It simplifies customer conversion rates like no other and even highlights the most subtle conversions to help assess what was right or what went wrong.

All you need to do is key in your desired improvement, current rates, number of variations, and every day sends. The tool will tell you the requirement of testing for profound productivity.

Coding is not everyone’s forte, and if email isn’t your only agenda, coding can take in a lot of time as well as extensive efforts to craft those fancy emailers.

Digging into the codes can be a significant disadvantage to productivity. Finding errors or making tweaks amidst the elaborated codes spread out in one uniform context can make it challenging to nitpick on what went wrong. The “Sublime Text” color codes the HTML files to make it easy for the coder to find what he/she is looking for.

Preview your email before launching it – this is one of the best email marketing practices to follow strictly.
PutsMail is more like a litmus test that lets you to enter into subject line, recipient address, and HTML to get an overview of your final campaign.
Today, the tool is helping 25,000 marketers craft better emails and has a better insight over email creation, testing, and analytics of their campaigns.

7. IsValid.org

The testing mountain is now close to being crossed over, but how do you know that your effort will finally reap benefits? IsValid.org can help you with that.

By adding the number of test groups and conversions following the emails, it predicts the success rate that your campaigns can get and the exact percentage of improvement witnessed.

If you are investing in Google Analytics and determining the site visits, it is essential to understand the source of these visits to better frame your marketing techniques.

It streamlines the action that can help future campaigns and align them with the brand vision. Based on the target audience, the content, style, design, and other creatives can be tailored for a better impact.

It also simplifies tagging links used in the emails with custom variables to assess the traffic influx in comparison to other channels using similar tags to drive promotion.

If you are using Chrome, Chrome DevTools can quickly scan the mail in the HTML and other email code for glitches, if any.

To access, first open the email in Chrome. Then, navigate to View > Developer > Developer Tools. It is a readily available tool, which splits the screen into two where you will be able to pinpoint the exact code for the problem area and further, fix it in real time. This is useful for identifying the underlying errors and make superficial changes like formatting the words or images.

At times, even some of the most affluent email marketers can be blacklisted. As a result, they appear in the subsequent campaigns, blocking the deliverability of the emails. This can easily thwart all the attempts at email marketing. However, the Blacklist Check looks at the IP and checks if it is free from adversities and problems.

Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Scalable: With a high user base, it is difficult to surpass the omnipresence of the email. Communication bridges the gap that it builds between brands and customers. Email marketing taps into this consumer base and creates a widespread network.
  • Permission-based: By subscribing to your mailing list, your audience willingly chooses to receive your emails and communication material. This permission-based approach helps create a friendly attitude, which is very essential for marketing.
  • Measurable: With the help of tracking systems, conversion trackers, and analytics, it is easy to determine the click rate of the campaigns. It can be assessed to know how the customer is reacting to your mail(s).
  • Real-Time Marketing: Through email marketing, it is easy to establish connections and create a planned marketing layout. With the help of automatic triggers (like website activity, card abandonment), designated authorities can immediately grasp on the consumer mood and drop a mail, urging them to go ahead with the purchase. Sometimes, a gentle nudge does the trick!

Marketing Is All About “Practicing”

Email marketing, like many other marketing domains, require innate practicing and technical knowledge. With the help of these tools, email marketers can simplify their tasks and optimize them to reach the relevant audience.

The tools, listed above, have specific functions that refine particular elements of the email campaign like copywriting, analytics, design, coding, formatting, and many others. These marketing elements can assist in building the right campaign proactively.

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