6 C’s of Business Critical SharePoint That Can Improve ROI

July 8, 2015

Dileepan Selvaraj


With a tally of over 70% search inquiries made in the Gartner research portal, no other software comes close in increasing the productivity of an organization than Microsoft SharePoint.

Being seamlessly co-ordinated is one of the defining features that separates an ordinary company from the big boys on Fortune magazine’s prestigious list and unsurprisingly, 75% of all the companies on that very list use SharePoint because it simply allows them to be better than their competitors. The tools allow’them to ramp up their productivity like it is on Steroids.

SharePoint is a forge that melds a lot of standalone applications and gives them a single face. The platform encompasses functions like intranet, extranet, content and document management, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, enterprise research, business intelligence, workflow management, web content management, and even an enterprise application store.

Here’s our summary on the six C’s of SharePoint that demonstrates the platform’s robustness and unmatched utility:

Sharepoint’s Central Administration Console makes it incredibly easy for anyone to manage all aspects of the platform’s features, settings, and the status of every on-going project all on a single convenient dashboard.

SharePoint offers incredible range when it comes to customization. By tweaking the wide variety of standard tools that are available on default, administrators have the ability to customize them to do the work on hand effectively as possible.

It is almost a moot point to even talk about the importance of ease in communication in a team project. SharePoint’s array of creative collaboration tools allows users to contribute ideas to the project with ease and as a result, improves decision making, which can be a bottleneck in group projects.

Since SharePoint consolidates various standalone applications like intranet, extranet, document management, etc., under one hood, the entire package is a substantial cost saving investment for any organization. In addition to that, SharePoint works seamlessly with other Microsoft products like Office, MS Exchange Server, etc.

Big projects usually come with a set of sensitive information attached to them, which if compromised, can be disastrous. And for this precise reason, the certainty of complete data protection is guaranteed with SharePoint as all the content housed in the cloud is virtually inaccessible to people without proper authorization.

The dynamic nature of a project requires tools which are nimble and makes it easy for the user to respond fast in case of any ad-hoc needs that always tends to pop. SharePoint was specifically designed to make the aforementioned process as comfortable as possible, even if the user is a novice. This translates into tangible improvements in efficiency, cost savings and the all the good that comes with it.

The 6 C’s of SharePoint combine to give an unmatched platform that is essential for any organization that wants to set itself apart. If the objective of a company is increased productivity, efficient time management, and better results, choosing SharePoint is a no brainer.

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