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Recruitment Bot

Companies looking to supercharge their recruiting efforts look no further than a recruitment chatbot. In times where any one job opening can spawn thousands of willing applications, no one recruiter can filter through the noise. But with artificial intelligence, relevant candidates can be discovered that meet the qualifications of the position the business is hiring for. Conversely, candidates get peace of mind knowing where they stand in the application process. Communicate the right message to decrease unqualified leads, improve hiring speeds, and deliver exception talent half the cost. This demo chatbot comes with the following use cases:

  • Apply for Jobs
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Answer FAQs
  • Application Status
  • Talen Re-Engagement
  • Unhandled Handoff

Go ahead and test its FAQs by free typing in the text box. A couple of examples the chatbot can answer include:

  • How do I know what jobs are available?
  • Do you accept paper applications?
  • How do I view Internal Job Postings?

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