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Hospitality Bot

Customer service and satisfaction are the building blocks of a successful business. But today’s customers are hyperconnected and that means businesses need to find new ways to engage them where ever they are.  

How about an exclusive staff for every single customer? Yes, you heard that right. – an AI-based conversational agent(chatbot) to cater to every customer of yours.  

 The advantage here: you just need one chatbot to handle all your customers concurrently! 

Chatbots are changing the way customers interact with brands, and it’s only a matter of time before they completely revolutionize the hospitality industry. And It’s never too late to ride the wave of this revolution. Bluefish Chatbot can provide personalized customer service, take orders, recommend dishes, make reservations, and even send customized push notifications to your customers on their preferred messaging applications.     

Sound interesting? We have a demo chatbot here for you to understand the benefits and test use cases 

  • Book a table at a favorite restaurant 
  • Explore the menu and place orders online 
  • Give quick feedbacks on food, service and ambience  
  • Get product recommendations based on the order 
  • Get answers for FAQs 

 Go ahead and try it for yourself now! 

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