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Scalable, secure cloud strategy & solutions for your organization’s needs

The ubiquitous and inevitable Cloud adoption has seen an increase over the last few years. This adoption drive has become more so, with global business catalysts such as “remote work” affecting business culture and strategy

Because of the speed and scale of such adoption, it may be not easy to know for sure what cloud strategy or cloud migration plan would suit your business’ needs or how you could choose the right cloud migration consulting partner.

Impiger offers a phased approach that allows you to garner complete understanding at each stage. Additionally, our process provides a consultative approach to your cloud adoption strategy with state-of-the-art cloud computing consulting services.

Our Process


With our decade-long experience in Cloud strategy, we assess your cloud readiness, build a business case and align the priorities for a successful Cloud migration journey. Align your business goals with our cloud migration solutions & services, ultimately leading towards a more secure, scalable and transparent business.


With our streamlined processes and trusted partnerships, we plan and guide you in your migration to cloud computing. We take a phased approach and provide a detailed plan for optimizing your cloud migration journey.


With our refined processes and tools in place, we execute our plan in a sequenced, orderly and secure manner. We have dedicated practices across cloud platforms and custom cloud migration solutions and services to jumpstart your cloud migration journey.

Our services in the Cloud realm include, but are not limited to, Cloud Strategy , Solutions & Services, Cloud Migration, Cloud DevOps, Cloud Optimization, Cloud-native Development Services, Cloud Security, and Cloud Data Analytics & Engineering.  

But don’t be overwhelmed. 

We sign only after an exploratory consultation call, where we can help you figure the best strategy for your cloud migration.

Zero commitments.

"More than a 120% growth in ROI over 5 years"

Our Services

Our services in the Cloud realm include, but are not limited to, Cloud Strategy, Solutions & Services, Cloud Migration, Cloud DevOps, Cloud Optimization, Cloud-native App Development Services, Cloud Security, and Cloud Data Analytics & Engineering.

Cloud Strategy and Solution

We strategize and plan to accelerate your ROI, and improve performance with the help of our subject matter experts. Start designing your cloud migration journey with us.

Cloud Migration

At Impiger, we are equipped with the latest technology to help you migrate from on-premises to cloud hassle-free. With long-standing partnerships, we offer you hassle-free Microsoft Azure Cloud migration and AWS Cloud migration services.

Cloud-Native Development

We help deploy AWS Cloud apps and Microsoft Azure Cloud apps, according to your specific business needs. You can get applications that are highly scalable and easily manageable.

Cloud Security

Gain control and confidence over your applications with our cloud security services. Discover how to keep your applications tight with security by joining us in this journey.

Cloud DevOps

Transform your Build, Monitor and deployment processes more effectively now. Restructure the way your team works by implementing our Cloud DevOps services and shorten the systems development life cycle.

Cloud Optimization

When you choose our cloud optimization services, be sure to receive the best savings on your spending and increase your automation operations with minimum resource consumption.

Who we are

Impiger Technologies is a Dallas based Cloud Consulting & Cloud app development company. Over the past 16 years, we’ve brought more than 500 Mobile and Cloud applications to life for our clients. We offer cloud computing consultation services to help businesses achieve their Cloud vision with extensive certification-backed expertise across multiple technologies, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

At Impiger, we help with Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration, Optimization and DevOps. We also offer cutting-edge cloud solutions by adapting to public, private and hybrid multi-cloud platforms.

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Impiger Technologies, leveraging its partnerships, offers state-of-the-art Azure Cloud Migration & Cloud app development services, as well as AWS Cloud Migration & Cloud app development services.

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