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Eleviant’s break-through WebRTC Mobile Solution for Hi-Tech Retailers

June 18, 2014

Eleviant’s break-through WebRTC Mobile Solution for Hi-Tech Retailers

Eleviant Tech soft-launched a pioneering WebRTC [Web Real-Time Communication] retail solution at GENBAND’s Perspective 14 annual conference in Orlando Florida [June 9 – 12 2014].
Co-teamed with technology experts like GENBAND [a networking solutions provider] and Tri Mil Consulting [a technology consulting company] Eleviant Tech created an innovative WebRTC mobile solution for Toy Genius a New Jersey based Toys-retailer.

@elevianttech @Samsung have done a great job with #WebRTC live demo @GENBAND #GBP14

— David Walsh (@walshgenband) June 11 2014

WebRTC is an evolving technology landscape which will soon revolutionize shopping experience both physical and online enabling seamless communication between customers and retail experts at real-time speed. A WebRTC powered retail website will be able to assist online-customers with instant reviews feedbacks and guidance to purchase a product from anywhere around the world. In other words a high-quality mobile shopping experience at the click of a button.

Eleviant Tech engineered this bespoke WebRTC solution for Toy Genius with GENBAND’s SPiDR WebRTC gateway. The solution was a joint-effort of Eleviant Tech team and GENBAND developers and showcases how mobile shopping can be leveraged to provide more advanced shopping features. The web-based Toy Genius application was co-developed by Eleviant Tech and Tri Mil Consulting using GENBAND’s WebRTC.

With this technology-enabled solution Toy Genius customers will enjoy a premium shopping experience that facilitates instant communication with retail-experts and will also enjoy an assisted-shopping experience anytime anywhere around the globe.

This game-changing WebRTC solution can be implemented for any retail business that aims to provide a premium shopping-experience regardless of the customer’s location.

To know more about the GENBAND event and Eleviant Tech’s WebRTC solutions click here.

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