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Eleviant Introduces – A Chatbot Platform for Small & Medium Businesses

January 24, 2019

Eleviant Introduces – A Chatbot Platform for Small & Medium Businesses

Dallas TX January 24 – Eleviant Tech Inc. a global technology company that provides next generation digital transformation solutions announced the global release of its adaptable and personalized chatbot platform Bluefish.AI today now available to help solve business challenges globally.

The software solution technology addresses core concerns in daily business life including employee engagement recruitment ecommerce and frequently asked questions. Companies can create their own chatbots with the intuitive tools Bluefish.AI offers—like natural language processing (NLP).

Today’s users want a personalized chat experience and are not interested in waiting for a call to get their questions answered. Bluefish.AI uses artificial intelligence to deliver simple and personalized messaging experience that simulates human conversation.

Our enterprise chatbot solution aims to bring together various technologies like AI automation and analytics with pre-built use case driven bots (appointment scheduler for Physician Dentist Attorneys or any Professional Services HR bot Travel & Hotel Reservation bot Financial Services bot). These chatbots are driven by customer context intelligent process guidance and actionable insights that enhance customer interactions.

“Chatbots are expected to save over $8 billion dollars by 2020. 85% of business engagement will be done without interacting with another human.”

Customer experience matters more than ever. Consumers are looking for services 24/7 and they tend to drop a brand after just a few poor experiences.

“We help businesses with Intelligent Digital Solutions that Automate & Integrate with systems so businesses can make their services available 24/7 ” says CEO Jude Ramayya.

There are too many repetitive tasks eating away at employee’s valuable time. Bluefish.AI was created in 2018 to combat the ever-growing tasks of scheduling appointments prescreening applicants and so on. Eleviant Tech believes company employees should have the peace of mind to do meaningful work and that customers should have engaging experiences to address their concerns in real-time.

The only constraint to Bluefish AI’s capabilities is the human imagination.

Top 5 Features Of Bluefish.AI

1. AI Creates Human Conversation
  • Learning: The platform compiles unhandled messages in a database for teams to craft responses and continuously optimize the bots answer capacity.
  • Emotional Analysis: Bots can latch onto keywords and punctuations and respond with appropriate cues of empathy playfulness and other persona inducing qualities.
  • Memory Bank: Recording user inputs bots can recall important data for faster and more relevant responses.
2. Simple Bots Do Complex Tasks
  • FAQs: Provide instant answers to a query of predefined questions using an NLP framework based on intents utterances and entities.
  • Workflows: Modules direct users through a decision-tree journey. Bots ensure their input is matched with the right outputs with closed and open boxed options.
3. Omni-Channel Integration
  • Chatbots can be linked to multiple websites social media accounts and apps simultaneously.
  • The platform connects directly to APIs in any function including HR Recruitment and eCommerce stores.
4. Media Rich Ecosystem
  • Plug-in-Play: Link images videos and audio content to engage users beyond just text.
  • HTML: Codify your own custom content to meet specific needs.
5. Scalable Design
  • Multiple visitors can connect with the chatbot platform simultaneously streamlining efficiency.
  • House as many workflows with unlimited inputs and outputs and get the most data impact for your chatbot.

About Eleviant Tech

Eleviant Tech is a world-class enterprise software product engineering company specializing in Digital Transformation Solutions utilizing Mobile Cloud and Web Technologies. We help enterprises improve business efficiency productivity and grow revenue. We offer a comprehensive set of cost effective services from prototype to production and everything in-between.

Demo with Bluefish AI today at

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