Banking on Better Experiences as Financial Institutions Adopt RPA

Banking on Better Experiences as Financial Institutions Adopt RPA

Financial institutions must constantly evolve to enter new markets and offer unparalleled customer experiences in an increasingly complex and challenging banking and financial sector. Innovative technologies and software are assisting the banking business in enhancing efficiency and, more importantly, enabling automation. This progress demands the adoption and implementation of several new technologies available to many companies in…

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NFT Brand Collective, a collaboration between Eleviant and Map & Fire, released its first AI-Generated Brand Logos.

Eleviant and Map & Fire have joined hands to develop The NFT Brand Collective, a first-of-its-kind AI-generated NFT brand logo directory, which has designed an AI/machine learning model to explore how a machine might generate its own brand – sans explicit human direction. The NFT Brand Collective dropped a limited collection of 32 unique NFTs…

PeopleOne To Be Featured at the Future of Work Expo June 21 – 24

PeopleOne To Be Featured at the Future of Work Expo June 21 – 24

Ritwik Bose to speak on the benefits of a mobile-first employee experience in driving productivity and positivity from the internal culture to the external experience. Eleviant’s PeopleOne employee engagement platform is participating in the Future of Work Expo, part of the Tech Super Show hosted by ITEXPO, a global IT decision-maker, influencer, and service provider….

Eleviant named one of the top Software Development Companies in Richardson

Eleviant named one of the top Software Development Companies in Richardson

Eleviant has been selected by as one of the top 12 software development companies in Richardson, TX. is an organization that helps customers find the best-qualified professionals/organizations for their business needs. They research and analyze “experts” from more than 60,000 businesses across 200 industries in the U.S. each month. Analysts from listed…

eleviant rebranding

Eleviant Tech Announces Rebrand, New Service Offerings, and Celebrates 17 Years of Service

After 17+ years of digital excellence, Impiger Technologies, Inc. has embarked on its new phase of digital journey as Eleviant Tech. Eleviant Tech symbolizes business transformation and parallels the mission to help clients elevate and scale their businesses, supporting technological needs at all stages along the way.Eleviant provides businesses with new ways to work, communicate, and…

clutch award for top mobile app developers

Eleviant Tech Named Among The 100 Top-Performing App Development Companies

Impiger Technologies has been ranked 41st amongst the 100 top-performing app development companies from India for 2021 by Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform for IT, Marketing, and Business Service Providers. Clutch CX Analyst Fizza Mudaser states, “We are thrilled to recognize these Leaders for the dedication and perseverance in these unprecedented times. These app development companies are being…

remote working solutions

Eleviant Tech People1 Lends a Hand to the SMB Community with Remote Working Solutions

31st March, Dallas, TX: With companies choosing to go remote amidst the novel #CoVID crisis and adopting a digital approach to working, it is no surprise that remote solutions are the need-of-the hour. However, building a scalable remote solution or a digital workspace that suit different businesses is a tall order. Impiger Technologies’ People1 is a digital workspace solution for…

joget partner

Eleviant Tech is Now an Official Joget Partner

Eleviant Tech is now an official Joget partner, under the Joget Accredited Partnership Program. This partnership is a synergic business relation where organizations will be leveraging the existing Joget Workflow solutions to make their service delivery simple and accessible to their customers. This partnership will provide Eleviant Tech with the opportunity to deepen its skill…