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What we do

Our technology and expertise promise to bring immense clarity to even the most complex of manufacturing operations by creating a positive change in high impact areas.

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Our solutioning based on IoT and mobile & web apps ensure you are able to see every piece of data and operational input from a bird’s eye view.

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Using the power of AI & ML we can help you achieve new levels of efficiency in your manufacturing operations, as well as in business operations.

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With Robotic Process Automation, you can automate almost any mundane activity, eliminating the need for human intervention and cutting down on time and costs.

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Achieve total control of all operations due to ready availability of data and irrefutable visibility of operations, across all units and locations.

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Gain invaluable insights and analytics into inventory, assets and process with our business analytics and inventory management solutioning.

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Cut down on unnecessary costs that creep up due to lack of visibility or control of operations – keep everything in check and ensure you see YoY growth.

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Cellgate offers products and service to property owners for remote monitoring and control with access codes when someone is entering their property while they are away.

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