PlayPozz ‘ An Interactive Play as You Learn App for Kids

July 18, 2014

Impiger Technologies


Last week PlayPozz debuted on the Android store. When we first heard about the engaging concept of helping children play as they learn, the team was excited. We knew there was a niche market for this type of app.

We were reminded of the fun times developing a successful rewards game for the iPhone last year. Although we had developed several Android applications over the years, the challenge of ‘controlling selective apps through a specific app’ was enough stimulation for the engineering team.

Our client’s brief here was to make it easy and interactive for kids to learn and be motivated about the rewards ‘ access to their favorite games, social media and videos.

We went about creating an intuitive user interface that allowed kids to figure out this game in minutes without parental guidance.

The drag and drop feature was deployed to make kids learn addition, comparison, division, counts, subtraction and multiplication. Touch play comes naturally to digital natives and with colorful shapes and numbers built with instant rewards, the client knew that kids would love it. The collaboration between Impiger and the PlayPozz team led to regular improvements.

In order to motivate kids to earn points to play their favorite stuff, Pozz, a lovable and hungry monster was created. It had to be fed with credits before it gave access to favorite games. Instead of merely showing the points gained, we stroked the kids subtly with colorful balls dropping down.

When kids run out of time, they have to go back to learn and earn more Pozzts. This lets them learn and balance their play time responsibly.

PlayPozz has several levels of complexity built in. Intelligence was built into the game; and depending on the kid’s age and performance, the program adjusts itself. Infact, a virtual tutor steps in when the child is stuck with a lesson. How cool is that?
To let parents gain insight into the kid’s progress, PlayPozz mails periodic reports.

Impiger Technology’thanks PlayPozz Inc., for trusting us to build a sticky and interactive application. And hope you like it as much as we enjoyed developing it.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download PlayPozz free version right now!

And do not forget to let us know your feedback.

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