Hanuman Chalisa – Sing Along iPhone Application Development

September 18, 2009

Impiger Technologies


After a great deal of development effort and some fantastic team work, finally we have posted our first iPhone application online about 3 weeks back and so far it has been an excellent ride! The app can be downloaded from iTunes by searching for ‘Hanuman Chalisa Sing along’ application.The graphics work was among the toughest pieces of this app and are we glad that it has really come out cool!! A lot of that credit goes to Sathish and Yousuf, right from the color combinations to the font and the way lyrics are being displayed.You can play the audio and sing along with the song (hence the name .. duh!) or just turn the audio off and pace it your own way. One can choose to see the lyrics in English or Hindi. Aahh .. Hindi! How can we forget it? The I18N bugs on iPhone OS gave us some sweet nightmares what with the OS not supporting the display of Devanagari words properly. We went around the problem finally with a lot of help from Yousuf.The other cool feature was the support for landscape and portrait modes. It is apparently easy to do in most iPhone apps and a lot of iPhone apps feature the support for device rotation. But believe me it was not easy at all, at least initially for us developers. To be fair, it would have been easier if placing the UI components in a view was done through code. But if one relies on XCode / Interface builder to do it, it is definitely a challenge and that is exactly what we faced.Uploading the app for Apple review was another experience. First time around, the app got rejected on grounds of ambiguity in user interface(!?) ‘ because one of the standard buttons was apparently used to mean something else. We went around that problem and when the review finally got over, what a relief it was! I used to check and still do check the app status daily in iStore to see if it has crossed the ‘In Review’ state.Finally, it’s got done and we are moving on now. On the whole, it was an excellent learning experience for all of us. It laid the foundation for a lot more learning and new challenges to overcome which we are relishing now :)Congratulations and Kudos go to the whole team. Any brick-bats? Direct them to me! We always welcome constructive criticism!:-) Rajasekhar Vuppaladhadiam

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