Free Mobile App Analytics from Google

May 2, 2013

Impiger Technologies


Google has brought cheer to millions of app owners, developers and marketers with the announcement of the much-awaited Mobile App Analytics for iOS and Android apps.
For years, Google’s popular Google Analytics for websites gave publishers, marketers and advertisers tremendous insight into the user activity. And helped them with business-impacting data. The current move has been driven by the 600, 000 mobile apps on Google Play and 500, 000 plus on the App Store.

Right from discovery to engagement, Mobile App Analytics will measure downloads and new users; retentions, crashes and conversions; app sales and in-app purchases. Which traffic channels send more users, where do they come from, what versions of the app is being used, mobile devices and more.
Essentially, marketable data is available in an intuitive dashboard. And that’s what developers and owners need to understand and grow the business.
While this is going to be available to all by the end of summer, you can go over here and sign up for the beta.
Go ahead, sign up and discover what your app users are doing. And learn to engage them better.

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