How does a Click to Call Service generate leads from a website?

September 28, 2009

Impiger Technologies


In this interview, Ramakrishnamoorthy Venkatasubbu (RKM), COO ‘ 23, explains the basics of click to call services. And tells us how it can generate leads for online businesses.

Q:What is Click to Call?
RKM: A click to call service, likeEasycallnow, is a web based click to call facility that allows website visitors to speak to customer service agents of a company, instantly. By just filling in their phone number and clicking a button, they can at once be connected to the appropriate agent.

Q:Why would a website visitor want to speak to any company’s customer service agent?
RKM: Most websites cannot answer all customer queries. For example, on a hotel or travel site, a user who wants to book a hotel room in another city may have a queries: on the location of the room (pool facing), price (are there any discounts for bulk bookings), facilities at hotel or cab service. If he does not get the answers immediately, he’ll move away to a competitor’s site. And, perhaps, will never revisit this site.

Q:What exactly does 23′ Easycallnow service do?
RKM: Easycallnow’s click to call service basically dials out both the visitor and customer service agent and connects them over phone. This enhances customer experience and boosts sales.

Q:Who can use this web based calling service?
RKM: Any business having a website and engaging customers online ‘ travel sites, shopping and classified portals, online e-tailers, hotels, real estate agents, finance companies, small businesses and even home business owners.

Q:Does one use click to call only on websites?
RKM: Not really. It can be plugged into emails, newsletters, pdf downloads or banner advertising campaigns.

Q:Can you explain the benefits of easycallnow for online businesses?
RKM: It generates leads by capturing the name, city and phone numbers of the website visitors. The instant connectivity to website visitor means better conversions and sales. Cost of service is based on number of calls connected. With nil software or hardware requirements, it’s a boon to website owners to pump up sales.

Q:How easy is it to implement this on a website?
RKM: It’s a small piece of html code that needs to be pasted on site wherever one needs the Click to Call button. It’s customizable to the website theme.

Q:Is the call free for website visitors?
RKM: Yes. The business using the service pays for the calls their prospects or customers make from the website.

Q:How will businesses be charged for easycallnow?
RKM: There are very affordable monthly and annual packages that you can buy online. And recharge call credits when you exhaust the packages. Apart from the call charges, there’s a small licence fee for every agent’s phone number to be configured on the click to call api.

Q:Will you provide support during installation?
RKM: Our website and email instructions are more than sufficient to install and run this service. But, don’t hesitate to call us for help.

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