Top 5 Crazy iPhone App Ideas

January 8, 2010

Impiger Technologies


Many billion app downloads later, everyone from New York to London to Paris is thinking of making an iPhone app. Stories circulating on the internet of dumb kids making millions selling iPhone apps is everyday news. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are agog with such success stories. People are drumming up fancy app ideas that may sound crazy, but if you think these are not possible, you probably need a brain transplant.

My pick of 5 crazy and funny iphone app ideas that I got scouring the internet.

iCooker: I was thinking of a cooker for your i-phone. If you have hungry then turn you your i-phone cooker on. The i-phone get the power of his battery and so he can warmed up. You can drop you food on the top of the i-phone. After a few minutes your food is ready to eat. You can set the temperature of de cooker. You can use a part of the existing meat. ‘ Merlijn Dekker

iShame: Just humiliated yourself in public? Enter the anecdote and you will be sent a slightly more embarrassing story supplied by another user. In return, your shameful moment will be used to diminish the humiliation of lesser offenders. ‘ Mathew Moore

iLoser: For some people, there’s nothing worse than standing in a public place without anything to do, realizing that everyone who is walking by is judging you as a loser. This handy app solves this problem by giving you the chance to respond to fake text messages and phone calls from the friends you really do have ‘ you’re just waiting for them to call you (for real). ‘ Josh Righter, Scott Borchert, and Scott Wagner

iSmell: measures bacterial growth and recommends shower intervals. ‘ Arubinst

iDateU: Everyone wants to hook up. A dating application that let you enter your preferences, personal description, a short matching questionnaire, and pictures. Then, wherever you go, if another user who has the app installed is in your vicinity, and they meet your specifications (and you meet theirs), your iPhone would alert you (preferably silently). Users could specify how much information it would share ‘ you could set it to automatically share your picture, or require permission first.’ The application could display a ‘compatibility meter’ to show how well the other person matches you. ‘ Root Maniac

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