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App Marketing Strategies

Simple App Marketing Strategies No One Wants To Reveal

Name of the App, keywords and description for App Store Pre-launch tips for creating buzz Test marketing using Admob Commenting as a strategy to draw traffic Using Google alerts for social media promotion Twitter strategy to build influence List of article directories Why listing in App directories is important List of recommended PR sites Whether…

6 Secrets To Make Your IPhone App A HUGE Success!

There are plenty of critical points to consider before developing and marketing an iPhone Application. Failure to understand these can lead to a dream gone sour. In this little ebook, we’re trying to provide all those buzzing with an iPhone app idea – a clear idea of what it takes to develop and market a…

wasp case study


Wedge Advanced Software Product, a world leader in barcode software, manufactures and sells asset management systems and software that can track multi-quantity assets through barcodes. It took a lot of effort to customize and support their systems. Eleviant created a WASP mobile asset tracking application to ease managing and tracking the fixed inventories and assets.

squaredsky case study


About Squaredsky SquaredSky is a web app that allows you to access all your favorite websites in one easy-to-use hub. Users can organize websites based on categories, based on inspiration, or based on anything else they like without the need of tabs and search bars. With SquaredSky, users can check all of their favorite content…

A Famous Restaurant Chain Attains 90% ADA Compliance

A high-end restaurant chain was amid a legal crisis due to limited online options on their web assets for the disabled population, contradicting ADA regulations. Eleviant assessed the technical infrastructure of the client’s website with respect to ADA compliance and helped them leap to 90% adherence from the previous 74%.

Helping a Grant Management Firm Organize and Automate Tasks Across Stakeholders

A grant-management firm manually accessed and extracted grants via MS Excel & Word, and relied on Outlook Calendar for reminders – the extraction process was arduous. Eleviant helped them make a transition from conventional Microsoft Office tools to an Azure-based multi-tenant SaaS solution that scaled on-demand.

sharepoint intranet platform for healthcare

Streamlining Project Management Activities Using SharePoint for a Clinical Advisory Provider

A clinical research advisor and safety consultant to pharmaceutical companies needed to streamline task allocation and prioritization. Eleviant crafted a project management solution over SharePoint that acted as a centralized system for all project data to be consolidated, and created dashboards and reminders which integrated with Outlook, for easy task management.

Enhancing Existing Customer Engagement Solution for a Benefit Solutions and Services Provider

A non-insured benefits business provider wanted to create an application to improve customer loyalty by enabling easy access to their benefits, information on their packages, and other value add-ons. Eleviant helped the client build a customer-centric system, equipped with multiple portals and native iOS and Android mobile apps with Azure API Management, SQL, and DevOps.

Helping a Dallas 100 Award Winner Digitize their Evidence Management System

Introduction Evidence management is no easy task. An evidence management solution provider helping small and medium size enterprises protect their assets, our client was looking for ways to streamline the evidence process. Collecting evidence, providing granular access and ensuring its distribution is secure and seamless was one of the most foreboding tasks for our client….