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4 Workflow Automation Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Know Before Implementation

Implementing workflow automation isn’t easy and can’t be taken lightly. Planning is critical for ascertaining a smooth workflow automation from start to finish. To implement a workflow automation successfully, entrepreneurs must get to know the 4 critical mistakes and avoid them. Why workflow automation is critical? Before diving deep into the implementation mistakes, understanding the…

Top 10 Use Cases of RPA in Banking & Finance Industry

Top 10 Use Cases of RPA in Banking & Finance Industry

It is no secret that the banking industry has battled to evolve with the times and stay up with technological advances. Adopting technologies has helped banks provide the best customer experience while remaining competitive in the saturated banking market. In addition, the pandemic has accelerated company measures to react to employee and customer demands, making…

The fundamentals of identifying an ideal app development partner

The fundamentals of identifying an ideal app development partner

Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert app development partner to create and maintain your mobile apps while you can focus on the core business operations and add more value to customers?   Building a mobile application with rich user experience is, more than ever, a must-do for every company. Selecting the right app…

guide on Azure Serverless Computing: Event Grid

A guide on Azure Serverless Computing: Event Grid

Azure Event Grid provides serverless infrastructure for event-based applications. It allows for uniform event consumption using a publish-subscribe model, enabling a reaction to relevant events across Azure and non-Azure services in a near-real-time fashion. Event Grid can send messages from any source and consume the same from any other platform. It has built-in support for…

Quide on Azure Serverless Computing: Logic Apps 

A guide on Azure Serverless Computing: Logic Apps 

Azure Logic Apps are one of the most easily readily services built-in with Azure. Users can create the workflows using the interface that can be either for business use cases or processes to integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises.    It helps schedule, automate, and orchestrate tasks with the help of the 400+re connectors…

Guide on Azure Serverless Computing: Functions

Guide on Azure Serverless Computing: Functions

Azure Functions is a serverless computing solution that allows organizations to run code on-demand without managing infrastructure or hosting it on a server. It helps to easily run the small pieces of code or functions in the cloud. Developers can concentrate on writing the function to solve the business problem without worrying about the infrastructure….

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A Guide on Azure Serverless Computing: Basic Starter Pack

Have you ever wondered how much effort an organization takes to maintain its servers – The number of maintenance services to keep it running, the massive amount of money spent on allocating space, and the human effort? Source: IBM The estimated on-premises configuration cost is likely to be less when a serverless computing system is…

The REAL Economic Impact of Microsoft Power Platform for Businesses

The REAL Economic Impact of Microsoft Power Platform for Businesses

Introduction According to a Forrester Economic Impact report, Microsoft Power Platform has successfully offered workflow automation tools to combine and streamline digital process automation. With the advent of robotic process automation, business users can now unearth new analog data through AI capabilities, streamline customer business processes, improve security, and reduce overall costs. Interestingly, Microsoft’s Forrester…

MS Power Apps Use Cases and Examples

Introduction In a tech-driven world, businesses are at the forefront of cutting out manual tasks and reducing operational costs. The newest tech innovations are more than capable of helping companies save on long-term costs. Fortunately, businesses have to realize and recognize the importance of process automation and its ties with MS Power Automate to automate…


Top 5 Challenges on the Road to Digital Transformation and Solutions to Overcome Them

Digital transformation is no longer an option for businesses but a necessity. A recent IDC survey shows that almost 89% of enterprises are planning to adopt or have already adopted a digital business strategy. Advanced technologies have started to impact and have transformed the way people communicate, collaborate and interact with business. For most CEOs, it is a matter of…