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Mobile Apps for Employee Engagement: Practical Advice and Key Takeaways

Your employees’ engagement levels indirectly influence customer retention and profit. A survey and research study proves that companies with better employee engagement savor enhanced customer retention and profit rates by up to 202%. That is why organizations that solely focused on customer engagement in the past are now developing employee engagement strategies to improve gains….


Cloud Challenges and Considerations for SMBs

Most small and medium business leaders realize that adding technology-based solutions like the Cloud can transform their businesses.  According to the most recent Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 53% of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) — those with 1,000 or fewer employees — spend more than $1.2 million on the cloud annually. It is…

Taking on Labor-Intensive Finance and Accounting Manual Processes with RPA

The Finance and Accounting function involves many mundane, repetitive, and time-sensitive transactional processes. One of the challenges for their workforce is to perform these tasks without any errors, as even a minor mistake leads to substantial losses.   So, finance leaders look for an automation tool that accelerates the process and ensures 100% accuracy.   Robotic Process…

4 Workflow Automation Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Know Before Implementation

Implementing workflow automation isn’t easy and can’t be taken lightly. Planning is critical for ascertaining a smooth workflow automation from start to finish. To implement a workflow automation successfully, entrepreneurs must get to know the 4 critical mistakes and avoid them. Why workflow automation is critical? Before diving deep into the implementation mistakes, understanding the…


Top 6 Challenges on the Road to Digital Transformation and Solutions to Overcome Them

Digital transformation is no longer an option for businesses but a necessity. A recent IDC survey shows that almost 89% of enterprises are planning to adopt or have already adopted a digital business strategy. Advanced technologies have started to impact and have transformed the way people communicate, collaborate and interact with business. For most CEOs, it is a matter of…

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10 Best Practices for Building Conversational Chatbots

Chatbots are all the rage today, thanks to the unparalleled customer engagement they deliver. Businesses utilizing this digital innovation are growing at breakneck speed. The most fascinating aspect of a chatbot is the engagement created with users through smart and lively conversations. But remember, not all businesses have a right strategy for creating bot conversations and…


5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Sales Force Automation

64 percent of a salesperson’s time, more than five hours out of an eight-hour work day, is spent not selling. Shocking?! Where and how do they spend their time then? If the sales team is not spending time on the things they are supposed to do in this hyper-competitive market-place, it can be costly. Rather than spending time on sales…


The $32 Billion Industry Mobile Apps Have Not Disrupted

The plight of millennials in the US is not an online myth. According to the latest US Census, the median total income of full-time, year-round employed workers between the ages 20-35 (millennials) was lower than that of Gen X and Baby Boomers when they were at a similar age. Analyzing the consumer price index from…

Understanding UI/UX for Delivering Flawless Customer Experience

Understanding UI/UX for Delivering Flawless Customer Experience [Infographic]

Do you think technology, branding or products/services contribute to your web application development success? Of course, they do, but only to a certain extent. Nevertheless, it’s the unrelenting customer support and experience that orchestrates your business’ success. No denying the fact that technology is revolutionizing and reshaping the business landscape, yet can’t produce thriving results,…

AI-chatbot for-Customer-Service

AI for Customer Service: Comprehensive Guide with 6 Practical Use Cases

Customer service is the heart of every business; yet, not a super easy task to be accomplished. Most companies employ an army of executives to meet the customers’ requests to retain with their brands. Still, it becomes an arduous task to stay tuned with customers 24/7; as a result, leaves a few customers outraged, leading…