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Impact Of Mobile Workflow Applications

Detailed Study Of The Impact Of Mobile Workflow Applications In 100 Businesses

Impiger partnering with Aberdeen, a renowned research company, after a detailed study has uncovered how mobile workflow management solutions transform the businesses of many enterprises. The report provides solid data and evidence for enterprises to adopt more efficient, agile, and effective methodology to mitigate the challenges and why companies that have leveraged the mobile access…

bi dashboard

Mobile Analytics Delivering Business Dashboards – On The Go

Impiger’s BI Dashboard solution enables data visualization by quickly creating – not just retrieve – reports & share strategic enterprise insights on your mobile device, ensuring you have the latest information to make real time informed decisions. Designed to help you Go Mobile with easy to use managed features in representing data the way you…

App Marketing Strategies

Simple App Marketing Strategies No One Wants To Reveal

Name of the App, keywords and description for App Store Pre-launch tips for creating buzz Test marketing using Admob Commenting as a strategy to draw traffic Using Google alerts for social media promotion Twitter strategy to build influence List of article directories Why listing in App directories is important List of recommended PR sites Whether…


6 Secrets To Make Your IPhone App A HUGE Success!

There are plenty of critical points to consider before developing and marketing an iPhone Application. Failure to understand these can lead to a dream gone sour. In this little ebook, we’re trying to provide all those buzzing with an iPhone app idea – a clear idea of what it takes to develop and market a…

Android Strategy Report 2012 For Businesses

Android Strategy Report 2012 For Businesses

The Android 2012 strategy report provides businesses a compelling reason to consider Android applications for their customers. It presents why Android would be an integral part of mobility future. Topics Covered Include: Why Companies Can’t Ignore Android? Read how Google, device manufacturers and mobile carriers are aggressively promoting Android. And the implications for your businesses’…

10 Benefits Why Software Product Companies Should Go For Agile Methodology

10 Benefits Why Software Product Companies Should Go For Agile Methodology

There are compelling reasons why the agile methodology is becoming mainstream. Here are the ten key benefits why product companies should embrace agile methodology principles and practices in their product development lifecycle. ROI The iterative nature of agile development means features are delivered incrementally, which aid realising the benefits from the beginning as the product…